Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'll be quiet. And I'll be peace.

10 points if you can name the movie where the title of my post came from. Sometimes, I can only think in movie quotes. It's "Worded-down" Wednesday here. I'm feeling a rare burst of energy today and I hope to work on de-cluttering my house a bit...

Before I dive into that, I wanted to share a couple photos with you. Last week, I was sewing (one of my favorite ways to relax). Beck (my 3 year old son) and Wilson (our 3 month old kitten) were both napping. The sun was shining through my window and everything in the world just felt right.

When they're awake, Beck and Wilson "help" maintain a very high level of chaos and noise in our house. Everyone was taking advantage of the peace and quiet.

Here's Caspian and Noira relaxing on my bed, 
while Kaia's reading "Sea of Monsters":
(#2 from Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

 Zoe and Wilson enjoying some cuddle time:


  1. Leo - I see salt and pepper. Is there a salt substitute?

    Best movie ever. LOVE it!

    best movie - i actually saw it on tv the other day while I was sick with the kids. (not sick OF the kids - we were all really ill... :)

  2. oh, and i am loving that little wilson of yours. too cute!

  3. We so need to come see Wilson...

  4. Tawnya, you and Sammy should come over this afternoon :)

  5. I would love to, but he has a play date with some kids from school.

  6. I want, I want, I need, I need. Gimme, Gimme. Is this corn hand shucked? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that movie!!!!
    Those pictures are too cute.


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