About Me & the Crew

I've been married to my high-school sweetheart for over 17 years. I am a "Stay at Home"(though I'm rarely home!) Mom to 4 VERY busy and beautiful children; 2 sons and 2 daughters, as well as 4 crazy cats. I love ice cream and sushi, but not together! I love to read, cook, watch movies with my family, and make messes in my house. Some of my current and future goals include: writing and publishing a book, getting out of debt, becoming a "true Aggie", learning to play the piano, finishing my degree in Biology, becoming a Science teacher like Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus, using up all of my fabric scraps to make quilts (hundreds of them), successfully raising my children to adulthood so we can be friends, traveling the world with Zeke, going on a mission, and becoming a temple worker. I am so thankful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I hope my blog will make you laugh and help you find joy in this craziness we call Motherhood. My life is an uphill climb and I'm going to smile everyday. ~ Lacy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • "Wilson Phillips" is my idea of torture.
  • I cry at the end of the movie "Iron Giant"... every time.
  • I love anchovies on pizza; really, they are TASTY!
  • I can remember birthdays and phone numbers of just about everyone, for FOREVER. (that was added by Zeke)
  • I use the word "groovy" way more than anyone in the 60's ever did.
  • The only white walls in my house are on the inside of my closet... and I'm trying to decide what color to paint those as well! 
  • I do NOT like to watch sad movies. EVER. Why would you want to make yourself sad?
  • I like funky old grandma sweaters and crazy earrings.
*Also, for those of you that know me personally, please don't put our last name in any of your comments.  I would like to keep that confidential if possible.  If our last name or anything else I don't want appears in a comment, I will delete it.  Thanks. 

The Crew:
Here we are in November 2011 (Thanks to my dear friend, Lora, for taking the picture)

Gabe, Zeke, Kaia, Lacy, Beck, and Zoe --November 2009 (We are very cold.)

  Lacy and Zeke love to eat Spumoni ice cream and play speed scrabble.
(Max Gabriel) Gabe (age 14) loves to draw and listen to music.  
He also likes to make stuff out of duct tape. He is a teenager in every way! Gabe is such a good babysitter; I know he'll be a great Dad someday. Gabe also LOVES our three cats.
Zoe Lace (age 11) loves to design clothes and eat mashed potatoes.
She loves to read, especially Percy Jackson and the Olympians and anything about Mythology. She's also starting Middle School this year and loves to watch a TV series called "The Adventures of Merlin".
 Kaia Alexandra (age 8) loves to do crafts and help me cook. 
She is the Queen of one-liners.  She loves monsters and bugs. Kaia just got baptized in May of 2012. Kaia LOVES to read. I find her reading all over the house.
(Joshua) Beck (age 4) loves trains, cars, trucks, dinosaurs, and his blue blanket.
Beck is starting preschool this Fall and he is so excited. He looks SO much older now. He is so funny -- he loves to tell jokes and make people laugh. He loves to watch "Dinosaur Train" and play MarioKart.

(Prince) Caspian Blue, our miracle cat. 
He was missing for over 7 weeks and we found him. 
He's our big teddy bear and a great big brother to Pippin.
Pippin (aka Peregrine Took) Zucchini 
Given to us by "Santa Claus" two years ago.  
He is Caspian's shadow.  He is crazy and full of life.  
*Pippin is no longer with us :( I miss him very much, but he went away...
Noira Simone. The little sister. 
She is brand new to our family as of January 13, 2011.
She is a spunky little thing... she runs the house. The boys answer to her! 
 Wilson Percy. 
We just got him on December 3, 2011 when he was only 8 weeks old.
He is LOTS of fun and loves to climb in our Christmas tree.

I just wanted to give a very special thank you to my wonderful niece, Angee, who took these photos of my family and individuals of my children. She did a great job. It was a very cold day in November and we are not a family that likes to sit still, much less have our pictures taken. I Love you, Ang, and I especially LOVE to laugh with you. :D
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