Sunday, January 1, 2012

I dare you!

Okay, I know it's not unique for me to say I have been thinking about goals and resolutions the past week or so...

I also told you in my last post about my
"Word of the Year" idea from my friend, Tawnya.

The word I have chosen for 2012 is:

For the month of January (especially after Christmas) I want to focus my discipline on our finances; specifically, my spending habits. Now, we don't have a lot of "extra" money or disposable income or whatever you want to call it, but we do have a lot of debt.
Student loans, car loan, medical bills, mortgage, etc.

I would really like to focus on paying down our debt as much as I can.
This is going to take DISCIPLINE.

I was standing in the shower thinking this morning (thank you, Jane's Addiction, it really is the best place to think.) I was trying to decide what to wear for church... I realized I had SO many decisions... the black and white flower skirt, the brown skirt, the red and brown paisley skirt, the purple and silver striped skirt (I know!), the green ruffle skirt...suddenly I had a thought,

I realized all of these skirts I bought sometime in 2011...
and I'm only mentioning the "Fall/Winter" skirts!

Now, just to excuse myself a little, all of these skirts were purchased from a thrift store where none of them cost more than $4 each, but still! Does any person actually NEED that many clothes, let alone skirts? (I said NEED...) I realized when Zeke got his new job last October, my clothing obsession I've fought so hard to purge from my system instantly returned (mysteriously...). I've been trying to stick within our budget and ease my guilty conscience by shopping at the thrift store, but looking in my closet this morning, I realized I have a problem.

Isn't that the first step to recovery from any addiction --
admitting you have a problem?
Well, I'm admitting it.
(I'm also admitting that my closet is full to bursting)

I also was thinking about DISCIPLINE and how I can apply it to my (ahem) "problem" and also benefit our financial situation.

I love the quote, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."
Sometimes I'm good at this;
I can be really good when I have to, but other times...
I buy 3 pairs of shoes just because I can't decide which pair I like the best...
(Seriously, how could I choose JUST ONE? They were *only* $6.00 a pair!)

So I'm still in the shower, when I got an idea. An awful idea.
The "Shopaholic" got a wonderful, *awful* idea!

What if I make a goal not to buy ANY clothes, shoes, jewelry, scarves, whatever for myself for one whole YEAR!!

Sounds crazy, huh? Well, I like a good challenge!
I really want to see if I can do it -- if I can discipline myself.
Now, I have allotted myself one "new" pair of jeans next fall and one new white shirt for layering -- those are things that actually need to be replaced, but other than that.... NOTHING!!!!!

Who's in? I DARE YOU!

The money I would have spent -- estimating what I spent last year and when I see something I like and "JUST SAY NO" -- sometimes I'll pick something up and audibly tell myself, "NO!!" and put it back on the rack -- yes, as a matter of fact, I do get strange looks all the time -- I'm going to put that money into a special savings account and see how much I have one year from today.

I heard a quote somewhere:
"Our success in this life depends on our ability to discipline ourselves."(ouch!)

I also heard a quote today at church that really struck a chord with me:
"If we are willing to do what needs to be done, it will get done."(OUCH!)
So pretty much, it's up to me...

I really want to make a HUGE dent in our debt this year and this is just one way I can contribute and practice controlling my spending habits.

Here's me and Beck on Christmas: Zeke got me a new hood/light for my aquarium... it was the only thing on my wish list! :) My other hood has been broken for quite a few years now. Yes, I'm a nerd! But I'm a going to be a debt-free nerd... now if I can just stop buying fish!


  1. Oh, you KNOW I love this! Last year's trip into simplicity was eye opening. The stuff I purged. The stuff I figured out I didn't need. How I rearranged my thinking through reading...I read SO MANY great simplicity blogs that changed my core thinking. It's an awesome exercise, no matter how you take the journey. Can't wait to talk about it!

  2. Go Lacy! I've been not buying clothes for myself for awhile now; it was only half a financial decision--I have a gorgeous and extensive wardrobe just waiting for me to drop the poundage I've picked up over the last 2 years. Maybe I can go a whole year without buying myself candy?

  3. Great goal! Oh, how I wish I needed to go in on this with you!! Oh how I wish I had a thrift store with cute clothes that I couldn't help buying throughout the year!!! I just spent a couple of weeks with my sister who has the most darling wardrobe and gets everything from the thrift store. Jealous!!

    Good luck on this one, Lacy!!

  4. I'm joining in on this word of the year thing. Isn't Tawnya a genius?! I thought about my word for well over a month. I have it and it scares me. Which means I really NEED it!

    Good Luck, Lacy! You can do it!

  5. Oh, Camille. How I WISH I could take the credit for this! And, well, we can be scared together. I nearly got up at midnight to delete today's post because I wanted (STILL) to run away from it!

  6. Tawnya- even if it wasn't your idea, I still think your a genius. :)

  7. You must check out one of my fave blogs:
    This girl made a similar resolution and has spent the past year and a half tweaking her wardrobe to create new pieces. Definitely go back into her archives to the beginning, she has tons of fun ideas.
    Good luck!

  8. Thanks everyone! Camille, I agree, Tawnya IS a genius! :) I mean, look at her friends....

    Shauntae, I can't wait to check out that blog!

  9. You go! That's a great goal for the year! I have several that I'm thinking of and just can't quite pin things down. I'm excited to see what insights you gain and pass on to the rest of us! - Lora

  10. Ooooooh. That IS a great blog, Lace. You would love it!

  11. Very ambitious of you, but I believe in you :) !! You will have to keep us posted to how it goes.

    There are several areas I need to be more disciplined in as well. Thanks for all the food for thought!

  12. I agree, keep us posted on how it's going. I bet Zeke is grateful you were buying those at the thrift store instead of an expensive department store. Good luck with your goal!

  13. I love this. I think I should follow, main problem is that I am losing weight so I really don't have that many clothes, but I think I need to go to the store with a "purpose" aka -- I need a new skirt (and that need may be very real). Does that make sense? so often when I thrift (which is how I buy most my clothes anymore) I just spur of the moment purchase, and while it's not thousands of dollars... it ads up.
    Go you!

  14. Have you read Meredith's blog? She just accomplished this goal in 2011...

    Whereas, I failed miserably at it! GOOD LUCK!!! :)

  15. Hilary and Jocelyn! It's so good to hear from you :)

    Hilary -- I'm with you, I shop thrift stores all the way, but it definitely adds up!


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