Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging...

So, I just wanted to let you know, I've made some new "PAGES" on my blog.
Why? Because I have this great need to organize things in my life and organizing my blog is MUCH more fun and satisfying than trying to organize my house...but alas, that must happen very soon as well.

The first one is a (tentative) BLOG SCHEDULE:

This is what I might be blogging about on a particular day of the week...

Monday Musings: whatever is currently on my mind...yeah, could be scary.

Tuesday Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Treasures: cool ideas about cool stuff

Wordless Wednesday: Special Photos; I want YOU to come up with the captions

Thursday Threads and Things: Crafts, Sewing, DIY stuff, etc.

Favorite Food Friday: I'll share a favorite recipe (or two) with you

Anyway, so if you're only interested in crafts or something to do with making stuff... read my blog on Thursdays... you get the idea, right? However, I've never really been good at sticking to a schedule... it's more of a guideline really. I'll try.

So I'm going to label this post: Tuesday Tools. There.

So this Blog Schedule created the need for me to make another "PAGE". This one is for "Favorite Food Friday" and it's just called "Recipes". I'd like to keep track of the recipes I post on here and of course make it easier to share them with you. :)

Also, if you read my post yesterday about giving myself a "NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE" for one year. I talked about not buying any clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. I'm REALLY excited about this challenge. I think it will be a good way to practice using my word of the year, DISCIPLINE. Well, I would like to ADD to that challenge. I'm also going to include: NO i-tunes or other music purchases, NO books or movies (other than rentals), and NO home or holiday decor-type purchases (this will not include flowers for my yard -- I will limit myself to filling the existing pots on my porch.)

I've been trying to come up with a cute little icon or logo or something and I've asked Zeke to help me make a button for my blog for those of you wanting to join me on my "Uphill and Smiling 2012 NO SHOPPING Challenge" you can add it to your blog. You're welcome to modify the challenge any way you want for YOU -- I just want people to step back and look at their consumption and excess and what they can do to minimize purchases, use restraint in shopping habits, and simplify their lives. Basically, to try and "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

This leads me to the other new "PAGE" I've created, "NO SHOPPING" Challenge. This is where I'm going to keep a running total of how much money I am saving by NOT buying things I want to.

I hope this helps you (and me) to better navigate my blog and therefore, (hopefully) enjoy it more. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know...

It is such a beautiful SUNNY day here... very unusual for January in Logan, but I LOVE IT!


  1. Oooooh, can't wait for all the recipes!! :-)

  2. Now. If only the house was so easy... :) Love you!

  3. Yes, I wish. I came home so motivated today after talking to you and then....

  4. Same. I think most of my list got pushed to tomorrow...

  5. I like these ideas. I'm excited for what you have up your sleeves each day!

  6. Thanks, Leenie! I've been wondering what you've been up to... I lost you...it's so nice to "see" you again. I just started following your new blog.

  7. I'm excited for recipes, too! What a great idea to organize your blog this way! I've always liked themed days.

  8. Just yesterday, I wanted to buy something and thought, no, I don't really need it. I'm on to your challenge.

  9. Most impressive! And I love the reference to pirates. Stick to the code! Love ya!

  10. wowza, what an intense shopping challenge. i know you can do it!!! and i love the idea of a blogging schedule. i tried that for like a week but it was so hard for me. now i'm just trying to be consistant about blogging 3x a week and not stressing out too much over it :) i'm glad you're blogging a lot again!



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