Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We're really just a couple of psychos playing 'house'

Not sure why, but my blog famine is possibly coming to an end.

I just have more to say than I feel like posting on a Facebook status. You know, I took a month long vacation from Facebook back in February/March and it was rather lovely. I don't like Facebook. Once I get on, I get sucked in... it's just so, so... I don't know exactly, but I always come away from it feeling rather depressed.

My mind is ALWAYS so full it is utterly exhausting.

We've been in our new house a month and two days now. It's been a blur.

Favorite things about my house? The pantry and the bathtub and all of our wonderful new neighbors! :)

I've noticed that I feel more settled here when I'm doing mundane and random things... mending clothes, making soup, bathing my kids...

I know it's very cliche and rather ridiculous of me to say NOW rather than a month or a year ago, but it REALLY and truly does NOT matter where you live. It will not magically change your life. I didn't think it would. I just think some people think it does. The trick is to make the most of what you have, you know, "bloom where you're planted" and all that.

Okay, so each of our kids have their own rooms... do they still have trouble going to sleep at night? YES. Do they still have trouble getting along? YES.

I do love our kitchen... lots of room to move around and be together and not in each other's way. :)

There are changes going on in our family that have nothing to do with where we live, but what is going on in our lives. We are together and we are learning and growing -- that will happen anywhere. What a journey it has been!

All I know is I'm tired and I can't sleep very well here yet... it doesn't quite feel like home yet and I'm not sure why...

I think moving in the middle (or really during the last month) of school has made it very difficult. So many transitions, but still lots of homework and a busy schedule.

I'm looking forward to summer. I want to sleep in and well, just sleep.

I want to plant a tree or twelve. I miss my trees... so much.

Last weekend, Zeke's Aunt and Uncle came to visit us (Gosh, we've been married 17 years, I suppose they are MY Aunt and Uncle too! :) The first in our family to come see the new house. It felt good to have family here. It felt a little more like home. They are so wonderful and inspiring. They always make us feel better about ourselves and our efforts.

Barb and Clyde, I love you both SO much. Thank you for coming to see us and being so good to us! (and of course I forgot to take pictures)

My favorite quote of the week, possibly of the YEAR (I'm not kidding) is when Zeke told Barb and Clyde that "we're really just a couple of psychos playing 'house'". It's true. More than anyone will ever know.

I love you, Zeke. I'm so thankful to have you along for this crazy ride. :)

P.S. Here's a picture of the cute fruit basket, goodie display/holder thingy Barb and Clyde gave to us as a house-warming gift. It was filled with yummy treats, but this is AFTER my children got to most of them.

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