Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kaia's first TaVaci performance!

Here's Kaia (yes, she does have arms, they are hiding). She did so well last night. When she got done singing, she ran up to me and hugged me and said, "Mom, didn't I do great? That was so fun!" Wow, to be that confident! I hope she can always feel that way.
Her group performed at Sunshine Terrace Senior Center last night. The old folks seemed excited to see the little children. I was quite heartbroken to see some of them.... wow. Some of them looked so sad and lonely. I think being lonely would be the worst. Some of them needed help eating their dinner, just like a little baby. It made me want to cry. It was such a stark contrast to see these beautiful vibrant little children singing and dancing and smiling... and these old worn out souls just waiting to go home. I wonder what they were like when they were younger? I wonder if their minds are fully alert, but their bodies are simply wearing out? I wonder if they have someone that comes to visit them? Okay, I'm gonna stop wondering, because it's making me cry. Count your blessings! Life is too short, go hug someone! :)

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