Thursday, June 24, 2010

How do you spell PROCRASTINATION?

Wow!! Today was SO productive... Beck actually took a nap and I cleaned out the garage... I mean really cleaned it all out! You'd think that was so great and amazing, but actually I'm just putting off preparing my talk for sacrament... oh man, Sunday is almost here. I'm sure I'll feel really productive tomorrow too... you know I've been thinking about repainting Beck's room for awhile now. I'm in TROUBLE!


  1. yeah for cleaning the garage...uh oh...about your talk. Good luck

  2. What is the subject for your talk?

  3. Joseph Smith.... and I'm supposed to tie in the Atonement and how we can become closer to the Savior...... wow! wish me luck :)

  4. Courtesy of Animaniacs..... "I'll tell you tomorrow."

    yuk, yuk, yuk


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