Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthdays for Brothers = Lots of Pictures

Gabe made his own cake. Those are real guitar picks around the top edge.
Oh, and he likes to spell his name G-A-E-B now. :)
He says it's the Latin spelling.
We put trick candles on Gabe's cake...
Zeke helping Gabe with his new love:
I am amazed at how well he plays. He's been taking a class at school. First song he played? "Silent Night" :) And then "Smoke on the Water" of course. I feel like I'm 10 years old again listening to my brother, Jody, play his guitar -- all night long. My theme song playing in the background of all my childhood dreams? "Cat Scratch Fever" from Ted Nugent. Literally.
Love you, Jode. You are Gabe's Idol!
Beck wanted a guitar cake like Gabe (of course).
He's sampling the frosting and talking to Grandma Patty. :)
I love his face!
Talking to Grandma
Beck loves to get birthday cards.
These are the survivors (Sorry, Brooke, yours was well loved!)
Daddy brought Beck 3 balloons:
Beck and his new guitar! Oh boy, what was I thinking?
Gabe is Beck's Idol!
Holding still for a moment:
Zoe and Gabe telling Beck how to blow out the candles:
This is serious business:
3 years in a row -- cake overload!Gabe, what are you doing?
Mom, "Red eye flashes twice!!"


  1. Happy birthday to both your boys! It's sweet how little brother wants to be like big brother.

  2. I love the "Gaeb". ha ha. So funny!
    And that Beck! His face is hilarious! He makes me laugh. And those are AWESOME cakes!!! you did great. And so did Gaeb. ha ha.
    Can't wait to see a picture of your breadmaker!!!

  3. Those cakes are sooo cool! Happy Birthdays to your awesome boys.

  4. Happy Birthday to your awesome boys! and enjoy the music :)

  5. How fun. I think it's sweet that Gabe is his idol. Those cakes look great :) Gabe did a good job doing it himself.


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