Monday, March 21, 2011

The Post you've been waiting for: Our Trip!

Me and my sweetie

Okay, for those of you that don't know, we went on our first overnight "getaway" without the children last weekend. It was absolutely so much fun. I really really really enjoyed every single second of it.
A BIG Thanks again to my Mom and Dad for watching our children!

For some reason, I've been feeling really antsy the last few days. Spring is coming and I have lots of projects I want to do before school gets out. I'm having trouble focusing on my blog... I go through phases I guess. So, here's a "quick" photo gallery with captions about our amazing trip:

This is Lily, she pulled our carriage. Isn't she beautiful?
I have to admit, I was a tiny bit scared to stand by her; she's HUGE!!
This is Kathy, our fabulous carriage driver. She was a lot of fun!
We really enjoyed riding around Manti and learning about its history and fun facts. It was very peaceful and slow-paced: something I am not accustomed to! But I could definitely get used to it.
Here's me right when the carriage lurched forward a bit.
Heh heh heh (nervous laugh)
Here's Zeke right before said "lurch", "How's that, babe?"
Dinner at "Dirk's Farmhouse" after the carriage ride. The B&B recommended it and gave us a coupon to use there. We were so twitterpated, we forgot the coupon entirely. DANG! Anyway, I thought the food was really yummy. Zeke got prime rib and I got salmon. We also got a slice of pecan pie and a slice of razzleberry pie to take back to the room with us. I love how Zeke always teases the server when we go out to eat. We always have a lot of fun regardless of the service or the food.
She took our picture, thanks.

The B&B we stayed at is called Yardley Inn & Spa .
We will DEFINITELY go back!
Here's the lobby... it's basically an old house that's been added onto and made into a B&B. I think there are 6 rooms you can stay in.
I love how it was decorated!
(Except for that painting of the lady at the piano, ca-reepy!)

Our room was on the second floor, we are coming down the stairs looking at the dining room where we ate breakfast Saturday morning. Good food, although a bit too health-concsious for my tastes (yeah, I'm terrible!)
But turkey-bacon? Seriously. I guess some people like it. This is the sunroom on the south side of the B&B off of the lobby; I was in HEAVEN!! This room reminded me of my mother-in-law, Patty's, house; full of light and plants. It was gorgeous! Zeke and I really want to build one of these on the back of our kitchen.

We stayed in one of the honeymoon suites called "Lavender and Lace."
Cheesy? Maybe. But I enjoyed every minute of it!
This was the bed. Isn't it gorgeous?
One of the things I really enjoyed was waking up the next morning simply because I was done sleeping. (What!?)
No alarm! No children! Pure BLISS!
Here's the jacuzzi and fireplace. The bathroom is through that doorway.
Close-up of the fireplace. Can I just tell you I love purple? There were hints of every shade of purple all over the room and the rest was white with dark cherry furniture. Beautiful and simple.
Zeke lighting the fireplace. How romantic!
Here's another view of the room. I think it was bigger than our living room and kitchen combined! We got sparkling cider and chocolate from the B&B. They also have a HUGE library/movie collection on the second floor (I forgot to take a picture). We took "Ever After", "Far and Away", and "Pride and Prejudice" back to the room with us. We ended up watching "Far and Away." I love that one. I wish Tom Cruise wasn't so icky now. Zeke is watching the end of it while I'm getting ready to go to the temple the next morning.

Here we are married 15 years and we still like each other!
I love the Manti temple. It is SO beautiful. I forgot how cool the live sessions are. We saw quite a few people from Salina and Redmond. Thanks, Brother Jensen for taking our picture. It was so fun! I really enjoyed the endowment session. The Spirit was so strong. There were quite a few brides and missionaries receiving their endowments that day. Awesome!

We took 4 family names through. My niece, Brooke, has been doing a lot of family history work and I really appreciate her letting us do these names. The name I did was "Charlotte Stroud." I had a stack of 8 names. I have a little girl in my Primary class named Charlotte (her Mom is a good friend of mine). And with the last name Stroud, I knew this Charlotte was related to my Grandpa Jody (my Mom's Dad). Her name really stood out to me and I just felt like it was her turn that day. I hope she was there and I hope she accepts the Gospel.

I love looking over at Zeke and smiling at him. I love the temple workers. They are so beautiful to me. I love all their little crocheted white sweaters and comfortable white shoes and pearl earrings. I love their wrinkles and their white hair. I wish I could go to the temple everyday.

We ate lunch at Miller's Drive Inn after the temple and then we headed back to Salina to see if my parents survived. They did. Gabe was a HUGE help to them and I love him for it! Kaia and Beck were having trouble with their asthma and my Mom had to give them breathing treatments and such. It's sad and ironic, but with my Dad's emphysema and all the medicine she has to give him, my Mom was the best person for the job.
She knew just what to do. I owe her big time!!
Me with my Mom and Dad
My Mom and the kids
My Dad and the kids
After this picture, my Dad said, "How much does Beck weigh!?"
I wanted a picture of us. Zeke said, "Here, I'll sit on your lap!" And he did!
I love this guy!! He is the greatest thing about me.
(Thanks, Mom, for taking this picture!)


  1. How FUNNNN!!!! I'm so happy you guys got to go on a fun, well-deserved getaway!!

  2. I'm so glad you had fun! and everyone survived!

  3. What a fun little couple only get-a-way. The Manti temple is beautiful. And I love that picture of you two at Dirk's Farmhouse. Great snapshot.

  4. I love this post. It is fun to know that after 15 years you still like each other. :) I love truky bacon but I hate that their is NO grees to cook my eggs in. I love fat! Also, Scott is still at home for atleast all of this week so he can watch the kids. Thanks again for you help. I love you!

  5. What a fun filled weekend. That place looks like fun. It reminds me of the bed and breakfast in Providence. LOL about the turkey bacon although I am one of those that like it but I do like regular bacon too. Great pictures.

  6. Since we got married there, we've only been back to Manti for the pageant. After seeing these pictures, I'm thinking we need to get a room at that B&B! Looks fantastic!

  7. You two are so cute! What a fun time! I have only been back to the Manti Temple once since Jim and I were married there. You have given me a good idea for our anniversary.

  8. You are just all full of gratitude, aren'cha? Looks like a party - good for you!

  9. I love the dinner rolls from Millers. Yumm. :O) Glad you had such a great trip!

  10. Lovely! I've never been to Manti. We should probably road trip it at some point!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip! I've only been to Manti for the pageant a long time ago.

    That B&B looks very nice and relaxing. I love the sunroom!

  12. Oh my goodness! I loved this. You guys totally deserve getting away and having time to yourselves and knowing the kids are just plain o.k. Although, I'm sure it was a relief to be back with them again. Your mom is amazing and I'm so glad she knew just what to do to help Kaia and Beck. A lot of people can't/won't do it so she really is something special. And you guys are seriously SO CUTE together!!! I love it! :)

  13. Waking up because your done sleeping would be pure bliss! This past weekend I was awoken at 6:00 by my iPod, being thrown at me because my almost 2 year old wanted to watch Toy Story on it.

    Also, 15 years! Has it really been that long?

  14. Wow! Great photos! Your room you guys stayed at was absolutely breathtaking. So glad you guys got to get away for a while sans kids. That's what's happening to us right now and we are definitely soaking up the fun. :)

  15. so wonderful you were able to get away! i know how hard it is to leave the kids. looks like you had a really great time. congrats on 15 years of marriage!

  16. What a fun trip! The B&B looks AWESOME! Glad that you had a wonderful trip. :)

  17. How fun! You look like you have such a happy family...everyone looks like they really enjoy each other. Happy (belated) anniversary!

  18. Awesome! I think that some of those kind of trips have been the best things for our marriage...kind of make you remember why you fell in love in the first place and decided to go on this crazy adventure called marriage and family in the first place !!

  19. So glad you had a wonderful time!

    We were married in the Manti temple also - It is one of my favorites.

    I now have Lacy Envy. I am very green with it. (I love to travel - especially with just the husband.)


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