Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Might Be My Last Post...

It's Tuesday and well, I just haven't been in the mood to blog...

but our computer is being REALLY weird now... as in, I think it may be dying for REAL. Yes, I already told you that I'm a "bit" dramatic. It may be the video card? I don't know, but I've been storing photos like crazy expecting the worst. This is not good.

This just might be my last post... until we can save enough money for whatever it is we might need to replace... gripping, isn't it?

We had a great Easter weekend...

other than I was threatened by a Tongan woman in our ward that she would choke me if I tried to pay her husband for helping with the food for Zeke's graduation party! Yeah, good times!! :) ha ha ha (it was all in good fun) Love you, Sister Pauni! You have to hear her say it, "I come ovah and I choke you!"

took my family rolling Easter eggs... for the FIRST time. Zeke says I'm nuts. Maybe it's a Utah thing...

tried to sing "Because He Lives" with the ward choir on Sunday, but I cried through most of it. Sorry 12th ward for the ugly faces I was trying not to make ... I'm not a pretty crier. That song just gets me.

drum roll... we now have a family room (again). Oh, it's fun to have room to breathe and move around a bit more... I love to move furniture and rearrange rooms... it's a bit of a neurotic thing... I'm taking pills and having injections.

Tonight I told Beck it was time to get out of the tub and he stood up, saluted me, and said, "Yes, your Majesty!" I do not know where he got that one from.

Earlier tonight, Beck got a blue-coconut slush from Sonic and said, "This is the best yummy ever!"

My friend, Tawnya, came over today... I feel so special. I just met her in February and well, she's rather groovy. :) Beck and her son, Sammy, had fun too. She's one of those people that I feel like I just "click" with... do you know people like that? Isn't it great? (I am not sure if Tawnya feels that way, but just keep letting me think that, okay?)

Last week my dear, sweet, wonderful, awesome, groovy neighbor Lora showed up at my door with flowers and candy for ME! "just because" Wow, my life is so blessed right now. I am her visiting teacher and she came over just to cheer ME up. Here's the flowers!! (My camera is not great, but hey, I had to get a picture.)
Getting nervous for Beck's dentist appointment on Thursday... we'll be there for at least 4 hours... I'm bringing 3 books in hopes that at least one of them will keep my mind off of Beck, because I am not allowed to go in with him. The books are:

"The Help" been wanting to read this one for forever.
"Beyonders" Brandon Mull's new one... enough said.
"The Thirteenth Tale" this is the book club choice for April... I need to finish it by May 5th...

I'm planning to bring some chocolate too! Say a prayer for my lil' Beck if you can. This is the FIRST time any of my children have ever had general anesthesia. He can't have any food or water after midnight tomorrow... I hope they can get him in early. I'll be so happy to have it done. Poor lil' gaffer.

I hope you all have a great week!

P.S. If any of you would like to come to Zeke's graduation party on May 7th, send me an email and I'll let you know the details.


  1. oh man, bummer about the computer. hope that it's okay! sounds like you've been busy but that you have some really nice people in your life :)

    wanted to let you know that i gave you an award on my blog!


  2. No! I feel the same way! I was just telling Isaac that I think it's so random how you click with some people and not with others. So. Random. But fun! I was going to blog about it, but I didn't want to spook you! ;)

    And sorry about the computer. Ugh. And REALLY sorry about Beck. Chocolate and books...and know there's lots of prayers for him going up!

  3. Did you go up to college hill? We were there on Sunday rolling eggs.

    Good luck on Thursday!

  4. Technology is absolutely fantastic -- when it works. When it screws up, well, it seems like our existence has no meaning.
    ... When did THAT happen?
    Anyway, good luck with the computer!!! Computer issues are totes lame balls.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. YOu're going to have to explain what rolling Easter Eggs is? I'm from Utah and have NO idea!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter, though!

    Here's hoping your computer hangs in there.

  6. Claire, Thank YOU!! :)

    Tawnya, so.... did I spook you?

  7. Lesa, yeah, by Old Main? that's the one! We were there on Saturday... bummer. It would have been SO cool to bump into you. :)

    Bonnie, welcome! :)I LOVE your blog title.

    Lara, well... maybe it's a central Utah "hick" thing (yes, I'm a hick!) Um, so you take your colored eggs to the top of a hill, like college hill at USU and well, you let them roll down it... you race them and chase them and my boys like to throw them... I have no idea really, but I remember doing this from the time I was three years old. It might explain a lot.

  8. so far my computer is still going... I'm going to blog on "fumes"

  9. I would love to come.
    I finally found an email for someone at HR in logan -- no band director job. What a shame. Maybe he hasn't said he's going yet. :D

  10. Rolling Easter Eggs?? I want to hear more.


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