Friday, April 29, 2011

Zeke's Musical Debut!

Remember when I said something about Zeke and a sailor hat?

Well, he was asked to perform at a fundraiser a few weeks ago for the Utah Festival Opera Guild. Are you wondering if Zeke sings opera? Well, he doesn't (at least not professionally... ha ha ha!) Are you wondering if this is something Zeke does regularly because he's a musical performer? No, this is the first time! So why is he doing this? When our friend, Kree, asked him to I thought, "Oh, that would be so fun, but I bet he'll say NO WAY!" And he surprised me and said, "Huh, that sounds kinda fun, what the heck, I'll do it!" Isn't he wonderful? They got a copy of the music just a couple weeks before and only had two practices -- so they really did great considering that.

It was such a fun night. The theme was "Some Enchanted Evening" and there were several musical numbers from "South Pacific". Zeke sang, "There ain't nothin' like a dame!" Two other guys from our ward performed as well, so their wives and I got to come and watch and have a night out together. I might just be a *little* biased, but our guys were the last number of the night and they stole the show! The crowded cheered 10 times louder for them than for anyone else. That could have been us, but hey, I was proud! (Thanks for the video from Lora and David -- my camera didn't do too well with the lighting.)

The "Sailors" from our ward: David, Aaron, and my sweetie, Zeke
Zeke and his "dame" (Thanks for the pictures, Diana)
I have always loved musicals and I have always loved Zeke,
but this was heaven. :)


  1. When I was watching it Andrew ran over to see what I was watching. He said,"Hey, isn't that Kaia's dad!" It looks like you had a fun night!

  2. There's no stopping them now. Just think of the roadshow possibilities (does anybody even do that anymore?) And the talent shows, and the parties. They all did a marvelous job! So MUCH FUN :)

  3. When I was a kid I used to dance and sing along to my parents' record of South Pacific. Love those songs!

  4. That was so great! I sat here trying to pick out the 3rd guy . . . I didn't recognize Aaron in a hat. I loved it! Thanks for sharing, I don't think Darin would ever do something like that!

  5. Your husband is so brave! Sounds like you had a great night. You look lovely with the flower in your hair. We should all start wearing them and start a trend. I work part time at a grocery store while Jake is in school and every Wednesday (Senior day) this sweet little elderly lady comes in. She always has a flower in her hair or a large bow and she looks like such a doll. :)

  6. That was awesome!!!
    And you look gorgeous in that picture with your brave hubby. :)

  7. Aww, how great is this? Love it. I love musicals too! And even better that your hubby did the singing. You look lovely, BTW. Great flower and necklace!

  8. I love musicals. Actually any type of play. I drag my family to them all the time.

    Way to go Zeke. What a fun night.

  9. Was that Michale Ballam on piano? Great job, Zeke!

  10. Marylynn, it IS Michael Ballam on piano... he's the director of the UFO guild here in Logan... yeah, kinda strange/cool? hee hee hee

    My neighbor that also sang titled his post, "Have you ever sang with the devil in the hot spotlight?" I thought that was FUNNY!


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