Thursday, July 28, 2011

Toad and Geevy

When I went to my parent's house last weekend, my Mom let me take home a few old photo albums with me so I could scan all the photos into my computer. I knew EXACTLY the first two pictures I wanted for sure. These pictures were taken sometime during the fall of 1989. That's my brother, Jody (Toad) and me (Geevy). I was 14 and Jody was 23. We were headed out on a Friday night (not together exactly) and my Mom stopped us to take a picture.
These are some of my favorite pictures of all time.

Maybe everyone thinks their big brother is cool, but mine is one of THE coolest. I love him so much! Everybody loves "Toad"! It's true. When I started high school, I was so afraid of all the older kids, but as soon as they found out I was "Toad's little sister" I was IN. Zeke says either they thought he was cool or they were afraid he'd beat the crap out them if they messed with me, but either way, I was good to go. Thanks, Jode.
Now we switched hats: (Please forgive our attire... it was the 80's!)
I'll tell you about our nicknames some other time (one has to do with dead flies and a dare and the other one is just some variation of a put down Jody picked up in Vegas? yeah, it's a long story) ... it's late, this week has been CRAZY as usual and my family is waiting for me to continue our Lord of the Rings movie fest. Jody kinda reminds me of Aragorn a little bit... well, a little bit. Aragorn is so serious and Jody's pretty silly and THAT reminds me of Zeke.
You should see the two of them together! :)


  1. I always wanted an older brother. I thought it would be great to be set up with his friends. :)

  2. That's a big gap. It's great that you got along so well! Fun pictures!!!

  3. My older brothers didn't like me that much! What fun pictures.

  4. Man. I thought for some reason I had clicked on Lora's blog. I was so confused for...well, longer than I care to admit. Ha!

  5. Cute pictures. Having a big brother sounds pretty nice, especially a cool one.

  6. what a cute pic of you and your brother. he was quite handsome! i love going through old photos. just brings back so many happy memories!


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