Monday, January 16, 2012

Your knuckle, huh?

Happy Monday! I love Mondays... especially when I can sleep in a little. The kids are out of school today for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

When I was putting Beck to bed on Saturday, he gave me a big hug and said, "Mommy, you're so pretty, will you tickle my KNUCKLE?" (He was holding his ELBOW up in the air.) "Okay, bud" (So I tickle his "KNUCKLE") and he says, "Thanks, Mom, that was PERFECT!" It's amazing to me how something can be SO hard and SO wonderful all at the same time. Little moments like this make all the CRAZY worth it.

The older kids slept in and Beck woke up a little after seven. He wanted to play CHESS. Can you tell who's winning? When he took one of my pieces (which was every turn) he would yell like Gru on Despicable Me, "KNOCKED OVER!!!"


  1. I've still never seen that whole movie, but I have seen that part and quote it a lot. It's amazing how often you can work it in!

  2. We just LOVE Despicable Me...(and I love Mondays, too...shhhhhh! don't tell anyone!)

  3. So you're saying they're worth it after all? :) Love those sweet moments.


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