Monday, March 19, 2012

What would you do with $1,000?

I was talking with a good friend of mine the other day about our financial situations... we laughed about winning the lottery someday. Then, one of us said, "You know, even $1,000 right now would SERIOUSLY change my life." And we definitely agreed.

What some people would consider pocket change or weekend spending money is just what we need to make a new start and get ahead in life. Really. Sometimes, the irony of that fact consumes me.

The WANT vs. NEED thing is really subjective.

Every family/income situation is so different.

I've just been thinking about that all week.

It's always that last bit that holds us back from truly making progress in our financial goals.

A doctor co-pay here, a school fee there. A new pair of shoes for my ever growing teens. The DENTIST. A new doorknob for the back door -- the wind has reminded us how annoying it is to have a broken doorknob. Not necessary to fix, but it would be NICE.

I've read several money management-type books and I keep a DAILY budget. I know what to do with the extra.... but GETTING any "extra" is the thing that seems to keep eluding us.

I have 4 bills that just keep nagging at my brain and keep sucking up all that "extra" that I'd like to dump into a bigger bill and then, wipe it out entirely. And then! Yes, I sit awake at night and think about paying all my bills. A girl can dream.

Over the last few years... I try not to even let myself THINK about the bigger bills. I send in the payment each month and just move on. Someday.

If I had a $1,000 -- those smaller bills would be the first to go.

I would also get our family a new tent. Enough said. I might even do that first. Our family is growing up right before my eyes and I feel like we are missing out.

Oh, and after 13 long years of hard work, my apple peeler/corer/slicer finally died this weekend. That is on my wish list as well.

There's nothing major that I really want -- other than peace of mind. No pun intended, but that is not something you can "buy". Or is it? Maybe you can't "buy" it, but it sure feels good to pay off bills!

In 5 short years, Gabe will be 19 and will be going on a mission. This is what I want to be ready for. (financially anyway -- emotionally, probably never.)

Oh, Zeke and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary over the weekend. (curled up on the couch sharing take-out from "Mo'Bettah Steaks" and watching "Surf's Up" -- yes, even though we never act like it, we are legally considered adults.) This also got me thinking... a long time ago, we made a goal to go on a trip for our 20th. Hawaii? New York? Mexico? Europe? Somewhere. It is on the list of financial plans. If you don't write it down, it's just a wish.

It makes me feel better to think about day-to-day penny pinching when I know I'm saving for bigger and better things and a secure future.

What would you do with $1,000?


  1. amen to all of it. and sigh.

    We paid off a huge chunk of our little bills with our tax returns and now one of them already has a balance again, all just to buy groceries.

    Money would definitely by peace of mind for me! Not to be rich, just to be less worried.

    1. I keep thinking of that song from the Bare Naked Ladies, "If I had a million dollars..... I'd be rich." Wow, we would all go out and CELEBRATE. To be less worried would be the best thing I could ever "buy"

  2. We would do the same....bills. We want to go to Hawaii for our 15 year anniversary. Don't know if we will make it but it is sure nice to ponder :)

  3. When is that? 2016? That's the year we're planning to do London & Ireland. Wanna come? ;)

    1. Wow, it would be amazing!!! Do you think Isaac and Zeke could handle us?

  4. I am right there with you...$1,000 would be amazing. Bills would be paid...and it would be gone...

  5. I'd put it towards a new car... well new to us car since the Mazda is rebelling. or rather just showing it's age. le sigh. and you can totally borrow my apple-corer-peeler-slicer anytime. It only gets used about twice a year anyways!

    1. thanks, friend, you can borrow our car or van if your Mazda dies.

      I'm an apple pie maniac and well, I'll have to take you up on that.


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