Wednesday, February 6, 2013

After all, it IS on her to-do list.

Here's Kaia. She made this picture of herself on her digital camera. She is quite the imp!
We were sitting in church on Sunday and Kaia was making notes in her "secret" binder and crossing off things from her to-do list. Here's the cover:
Kaia's Binder: Keep Out (for all except me)
I believe that's a stick of dynamite going into someone's mouth (that's a pretty fair warning!)
 I couldn't help looking over to see what she's been up to -- I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face. She is SO funny... but she's not trying to be funny, she is SERIOUS.
I had to take a picture of it! 

This is her daily To-Do list: (my comments are in parentheses) 

1. Play with cats  (that's what all of us do about 70% of the time)

2. Eat breakfast/Get dressed

3. Pester Zoe
(HA! I laughed right out loud in sacrament.. Oh, if you only knew. I don't think she needs to write this down to remember to do it, but she may actually be keeping track of her "progress". Poor Zoe.)

4. Play with Toys (right now this is usually Polly Pockets :)

5. Watch a movie

6. Do what Mom wants me to 
(Aww, this made me cry a little. She struggles a bit and I'm glad she is trying.)

7. Eat lunch

8. Play with balloons 
(Okay, she bought a package of balloons with her allowance and well, they are all over the house. I even found some filled with water!)

9. Do stuff 
(Okay, good, as long as you're doing something... I only wonder just exactly what "stuff" this is???)

10. Play with cats (Again, this is a big deal at out house :)

11. Eat dinner

12. Watch a movie (Yeah, we like movies)

13. Eat dessert (That's my girl!)

14. Scriptures/get ready for bed 
(This is our nightly routine -- hopefully she's getting something out of it.)

15. Go to bed

16. Read 
(I LOVE that she wrote this AFTER "Go to Bed"... and man, doe she read!! I've gone down to check on her at midnight on a school night and sometimes she's STILL reading!)

I love you, Kaia Bear. 
You're probably a bit too much like me, sweetie. I'm so proud, but watch out world!


  1. That is awesome! Especially the pester zoe and the dynamite. She totally cracks me up!

  2. What a fun peek into her amazing personality. :)


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