Friday, May 7, 2010

I will survive!

This photo is from Zeke's Senior Design Presentation. My girls LOVE their daddy!

Today should be a fabulous happy celebrating kind of day, maybe it will be later tonight. Today is the last day of the semester for Zeke. He finished another semester! I don't know how he does it, working full-time and everything else that goes with it. Yes, it can be done! Somehow we are doing it...I struggle with transitions... I like routine... it sounds crazy, but it takes all of us awhile to get used to Zeke being home again and not doing homework and actually sleeping when we are. Imagine that! Now that the semester is over, Zeke will have a "break" during the summer, meaning he won't officially be registered for classes. Instead he's planning to prepare for and take the GRE.... yeah... let's not even think about all of that yet.

I'm so very proud of him......... I am just totally worn out. Gabe isn't feeling well today and there's a million things to do tomorrow. I don't even know what I want I guess. I want a shower, yep, that will perk me right up!

Tonight we'll probably rent a movie from the Redbox (this is a major splurge for us, both in time and money) and I might bake some cookies.... any good ideas for movies to rent or cookies to bake?

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  1. I remember how excited I was when Kevin was done with classes for the summer. Thats tough, I felt like a single Mom when he was getting his Masters. He was in the YM too so he was gone Tuesdays plus working full time. Good luck with the transition with him home again :) As for clue. As for cookies..I could be typing awhile with all the cookie recipes I like :) I have a yummy oatmeal chocolate chip one thats good, if you want the recipe let me know. If you give me your email thats easier, I already have it in my recipe program and I won't have to type it up again.


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