Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

First of all, thanks to my great niece, Jayden, for the awesome quote I found on her blog. It fits today so perfectly.... "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." I was released from my calling as the Young Women President today...

I will miss the girls and leaders so much... but the last 4 years have been a whirlwind to say the least. What a ride! I was called to be the Laurel Advisor in 2006, this was when Zeke was the YM president! About 8 months later, I was called to be the YW President and for about 2 months, Zeke and I were together. Ward Council was always challenging for us to get a babysitter and very entertaining as well.... Bishop Pulotu would say, "President Susman" and we'd both say, "Yes?" ha, good times....

I was called to be the President in July 2007 (I felt this calling was coming). However, a week later, I found out I was expecting our 4th child (this was a BIG surprise for us). I figured, Heavenly Father already knew, so He must think that I can do it... and that's pretty much how I've handled the last few years. I've lived on faith and awesome counselors and leaders. And then there's the girls.... let me just say, if you have never had the privilege (nay, the pleasure! ha ha ha) of serving in the Young Women program, you my friend, are missing out on the best time ever!

Everyone kept congratulating me today and saying things like, "Oh, I bet you're so glad for a break" and "It's about time you get to relax" and stuff like that. While I appreciate their sentiment.... the Spirit is telling me this break won't last for long, so I need to enjoy every minute of it! I have never been bored since I have become an active member of this Church, that's for sure! I love serving people and I'm actually feeling a little bummed that I don't have a new calling. I'm always such a contradiction.... ask my husband.... the poor guy never knows if I'm coming or going....

gotta run.... dinner's on the table (thanks, honey!)


  1. It's funny how being released from callings are bitter sweet. I know they will snag you quickly for your next calling. Enjoy the break :)

  2. I am so glad you have a blog. I love keeping up with past friends. You are an amazing person. I agree with Sandra, you will be snagged up quickly. YW's is an awesome experience. I really enjoyed it when I was part of it in the Greenfield Ward.

  3. Lacy,
    I just found your blog through Sandra's...I should've asked if you had a blog when I saw you at the library the other day! I have a blog as well, but it is set to private, so if you'd like an invite just email me at mother of the wild boys at yahoo dot com. I look forward to keeping in touch with ya!

  4. Excited to see the next 'chapter' and what the Lord has in store. Change is always excited, exasperating, interesting, sad, fun, awesome ... and, sometimes all of the above. Our RS presidency will be released next month (our pres. is moving) :(


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