Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Motrin, Steroids, Albuterol.... Oh my!!

My poor little Kaia Bear is sick... again. She has what my doctor calls "illness-induced asthma". Meaning, when most kids get a little cold or slight fever, Kaia usually gets pneumonia, really high fevers (usually over 103 degrees), and has to be on strong medication that helps her symptoms, but makes her feel yucky. It makes me so sad. She was so upset yesterday, because she missed school and they were going to make sock caterpillars. Kaia is just too cute to be so sick. :( She's doing a little better at the moment, but it's been a rough couple of days....


  1. Wow that would be tough, getting that sick when you get something. My Lukie has allergy induced asthma. He takes singulair at night and flovent in the mornings. I always forget one or the other. I hope she feels better soon.

  2. UPDATE on Kaia..... as far as feeling a little better yesterday... it was the calm before the storm. As the day went on she got progressively worse. After our second trip to the doctor today... we finally got her some help. She has pneumonia, I'm not too surprised, I just wished I could see it coming faster than I can. It comes on SO fast. Anyway, one shot, 2 expensive antibiotic prescriptions, and a sack full of suckers (Our pediatrician felt bad for her :) and we were thankfully sent home. Her Oxygen level was still high enough that she doesn't have to be admitted to the hospital -- yet. She needs breathing treatments round the clock and lots of fluid and rest. I have to take her in tomorrow for an oxygen check... poor little thing, she is a tough girl!

  3. UPDATE on Kaia.... she is feeling SO much better this morning.... she finally has some color to her face. I think the Rocefin shot (antibiotics) and a night of breathing treatments has really made a difference. I am SO thankful for modern medicine :)


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