Monday, May 17, 2010

TaVaci Performance

Well, here's a few photos after Zoe and Kaia's TaVaci performance on Saturday.... it was a wonderful night. My good friend, Jamie, and her new hubby, Christian, came too! The girls were SO excited to see them. I recorded their performances and I'll get a video clip up soon. Zeke and I had so much fun watching our sweet girls. Zoe put on an extra layer (or two) of RED lipstick just before the curtain went up. Kaia took her shoes off right before they were supposed to go on stage, so as she walked on for the first song, she was carrying her shoes in her hands! She also kept yawning through the performance (she had a big day with a 2 hour dress rehearsal that morning as well). It was extra special not only because this is their first time performing, but our awesome son, Gabe, stayed home and watched Beck for us so we could enjoy the performance (sorry Beck, I love ya, but you're two and full of it!) Gabe was actually quite relieved that he didn't have to go (he's at that age!) Afterward, we came home and picked up the boys and took everyone to Sonic for some ice cream..... Life is good! (P.S. the cowboy hat is part of Zoe's costume, NOT Zeke's regular attire.) Thanks, Jamie and Christian!

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  1. FUN! Can't wait to see video! The girls look beautiful!


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