Thursday, July 1, 2010

midnight creative streak!

This isn't the best picture, but it was midnight and my fingers were sore... and well, you get the idea. I couldn't get my flash to turn off.

So I got this wild creative streak last night... the kids were in bed, Zeke was reading... I whipped out my old glue gun (I'm not much of a "crafter" usually, but when I am it comes in spurts)... anyway, some friends of mine inspired me (I really was watching, not just yapping :) to make some hair clips and bows for my girls.....This is only my 2nd attempt, but I think they turned out pretty good. The colors and designs were made for very specific requests by Zoe and Kaia. so fun! :) YAY for little girls...

Have a great holiday weekend...we are going to my parent's house... and that is THE highlight of my year, so I know I'll have some great pictures for you when I get back. :)


  1. Lacy! Those are beautiful bows!! I love them. You did a fantastic job :) I want to see some rosettes too ;) he he.
    Have a safe and FANTASTIC weekend!!! We'll miss you guys. Kate's getting blessed so it will be a fun weekend for me cause my parents fly in today! woo hoo!!
    I want to see your hair too!!!So get crackin' ha ha.

  2. Lacy those are awesome! You are so creative. I love the pink ones. I still laugh that I saw you at Smiths again. ha ha

  3. Sandra, that is so funny, because we were just headed out of town and stopped at Smith's for less than 5 minutes! ha ha ha

    Jess, I'm so sad we missed Kate's blessing and I saw on FB about your movie, sorry. I hope you guys had fun anyway :)

  4. Those are pretty darn cute. Did you have a fun Salina 4th? Any bobbing for trout this year? :)

  5. Steph! ha ha you made my day, thanks for the comment :) I was hoping to see YOU there! Alas there was no bobbing for trout this year, just the usual greased pole with money and fish pond with dead fish and quirky people with very "interesting" attire. We did have fun... came home with 4 fish and tiger's blood sno cone all over my kids clothes :)


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