Tuesday, August 3, 2010

checking in

I started a really long draft about the amazing events of last week, but I just haven't finished it..... maybe this one is better.

We sold Zeke's truck last Thursday! It is such a miracle I can hardly believe it... we've been trying to sell it since December... blessings come to those who are living within their means. AMEN! :) absolutely amazing! There are 1000's of trucks for sale.... really.

The guy that bought it is so cool too... I just knew we'd sell the truck before Scout Camp (3 days before of course!) And Zeke was one of the only people going with a truck... well, the guy said, no problem, we'll "seal the deal" when you get back.

So Zeke and Gabe left for Scout Camp EARLY yesterday morning.... and I mean early! I know, because I was up at 5am helping them look for Zeke's wallet. We found it!
Gabe is so excited, this is his first year. I am so thankful that Zeke can go with him. Gabe still thinks it's cool to hang out with his Dad, so we need to take advantage of that :)

And because they took the truck and not the van, I still can go places...... and I think I'm going to go spend a few days at my Mom and Dad's....

oh man, Beck is on one this morning... but he's always like that.

signing off...

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  1. Congrats on selling the truck! That is awesome!!!! Hope you're having fun!


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