Sunday, August 15, 2010

2 week recap...

Wow, I just realized it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post... lots has happened... I promise I will write about most of it, probably, I'm just feeling quite scattered and unable to focus.
Summer is winding down and August gets busy, doesn't it? and then I wonder, what happened to June and July? I guess I could go back and read my posts....
Well, Zeke and Gabe had fun at scout camp. I had fun most of the time visiting my parents... I love them dearly... I just get worn out chasing Beck. My Mom and I did have some good laughs and we even went shopping with my Dad.
We got the truck all cleaned up, sold, and gone.... a young kid named Forrest bought it (well, his Dad bought it for him -- LUCKY!) Yeah, we've been thinking of all the Forrest Gump one-liners ever since.
Our van and truck were on the same loan and when we sold the truck, our credit union told us they were going to restructure our loan (lower the payments, right?) Well, not only did they lower our payments by half, they said we don't have to make any van payments until the end of November! YEAH! Can you believe that? It was all I could do not to hug the teller! Actually, I told her I would if the counter wasn't separating us...I think she was relieved.
Let's see... my children start school on Wednesday... they are mostly excited.
I got to teach a RS Activity (formerly known as Enrichment, formerly known as HFPE, formerly known as Homemaking? whatever) about shopping tips and saving money. I don't know what all the sisters expected... but I pretty much told them to live on Faith and trust in the Lord. (And where can I get those coupons? ha ha just kiddin')
I'll post some pictures tomorrow.... there's a new splash pad thingy in town and my kids really enjoyed it (so did we).
We also went to the County Fair on Saturday... it was so fun! We decided (by darn!) if we don't have to pay any car payments for another 3 months, we are going to take our kids to the fair. We haven't been since 2007 and we spent $64, not bad for 6 people (rides, games, and snacks). It was so nice to celebrate and treat the kids to a little fun.
My husband's tuition is due on Friday and I am so amazed and grateful to be able to say we have the money to pay it!
that's all for now... feeling like this post is "just the facts, Ma'am", well, I'll write something more interesting another day... off to bed :)

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