Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yay for cameras, chairs, and radish earrings. Boo for me!

I'm so happy, I got a new camera today, just an inexpensive Sony Cybershot, but a new digital camera nonetheless. Woo hoo! I found out it would be way more than the price of my previous camera to have it fixed, so here we go again. FYI: Cameras do NOT bounce! That cute little strap isn't just for looks, it's like a Wii strap -- it's there for a reason! Put it on your wrist so when your hands let go of the camera while you're holding everything else, it doesn't hit the floor. I dropped our first camera last June. Beck dropped our second camera last week. Our new camera is bright orange! So it must be awesome, right? I wish I could take a picture of it. Let's hope it stays "un-dropped" for awhile.

(drum roll....)
The first picture with the new camera, ironically it's us:
The Camera Destroyers... I'm pretty sure this new camera feels threatened already. At our house, it should.

Our new chairs ($30 each... oh yeah!) We really like red and black (obviously). They're kind of funky; they remind me of licorice or checkers. We decided to put them together all mixed up just because we can. Ha! I love that Zeke and I like the same stuff. We assembled them while watching "You've Got Mail". I have to say that is one of my all-time favorite movies. "I can't help myself!" For years I've been wanting to find that dessert picture Meg Ryan has on the wall in her kitchen. It would look great with my new chairs. (If that isn't a hint for a Christmas present, then I don't know what is.)

I haven't been feeling well... unfortunately, this is a recurring theme with me. I went to the doctor this morning. I am full of infection: sinus, ears, urinary tract... just the usual stuff for me. But I'm sick of being sick. The doctor also said I'm dehydrated... that's hard to believe because I drink water like crazy, but it would partly explain why I've been so tired. And oh yeah, I'm anemic (no, really?!). I think I've always been anemic. I can honestly say for at least 20 hours of every day, I'm thinking of a big juicy steak. Aren't you? Maybe I'm a vampire...

I went to the store and got the kids some gummy vitamins to help me feel like I'm fighting back the impending cold/flu season. "Wall-e" for the boys and "Tinkerbell" for the girls ;) I took some Tinkerbell ones for myself. Maybe my tummy can handle the kiddie vitamins. Sheesh!

Anyway, my doctor wants me to see a urologist tomorrow for the recurring UTI's. (I'm joining a club, by the way, with my friend, Stephanie) I think I would rather have E-coli than a UTI (I am NOT kidding!) I'm such a chicken baby. I don't want to go to the urologist :( that does NOT sound like fun in any sense of the word. What have I done to deserve this cruel and unusual punishment? Okay, don't answer that. I won't! I wish magic was real. I could wave my wand and say "Body Reparo" and Ta-da!

Maybe I should wear my Halloween costume to the appointment? At least the doctor would be more interested in my radish earrings...
Can you guess what my costume is going to be?
If you can, you must be cool (like me).

I have a hard time not feeling discouraged by always being sick. I was going really good for almost a year or so... but I have to remember there is "opposition in all things". Maybe Heavenly Father was just keeping me healthy until we had money to pay for all my doctor visits and medicine. Go figure. Okay, I'm going to give myself a big dose of ice cream tonight. Doctor's orders!


  1. I bet the camera is really scared ha ha. I seriously have no clue as to what you are (Halloween costume) unless it's like a salad or something. You'll have to post pictures! Sorry about all the sickness. Thats no fun. I'm just waiting till a sinus infection comes on, I usually get one when I'm pregnant. Hope it all clears out soon.

  2. I love how the chairs turned out, they are so cute!
    I hope you feel better soon. :(

  3. So sorry you have been sick. I had a bout of that a few years ago. Started with 2 miscarriages, a baby, strep 3 times, full blown flu, and dehydration. A year later a pregnancy and got layed up at 17 weeks. After the baby I thought I was great and then ended up with having to have a hysterectomy. Now I have been diagnosed with fibromyalga. CrazY how things go sometimes. In between my sicknesses, we had to have the boys in for tonsils, tubes, and appendix. I hope you get better soon. Have a fun Halloween.

  4. Oh, Oh, are you going to be Luna Lovegood? Did you know the actress that played Luna made the earrings for the movie. I am feeling a little nerdy to know that.... ;)

  5. How appropriate to get an orange camera in October. I think I'm too un creative to know what you costume is, but I'm guessing you'll blog about it later so long as all those crazy sicknesses vanish with a wave of the magic priesthood.

  6. Cami, you are my kindred spirit! Yes, I am quite proud to say I dressed up as Luna Lovegood, one of my very favorite witches from Harry Potter. I've been told I look (and act) a bit like her...

  7. I love that you're going as Luna Lovegood! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. WTF with UTI's! I didn't know there was a club, geeze, consider me an honorary member. I have been prone to them since I was little and I have tried to convince my doctor I need more tests because I don't think it's normal for how many I get but he says I'm fine so I will be really interested to see what you find out cuz maybe I have the same problem ??? Either way they SUCK BIG TIME!!! Sorry your so sick :(

  9. *UPDATE* Okay, I'll do a full-on post later...
    I went to the urologist! I almost canceled twice. I pulled up in the parking lot and almost left twice. But I was SO sick earlier this week I finally decided I've had enough! I am so proud of myself! :) Natty, I would love to talk to you. Seriously, I don't know why I waited so long... I suspected I have something called "Interstitial Cystitis" and the Dr. is quite sure that I do. None of my UTI's ever test positive for infection, the doctors have always just put me on antibiotics because they assume that's what it is. This is one of the most PAINFUL, mind-numbing, debilitating, aggravating, embarrassing, and even life-altering things I've ever had to deal with (for over 15 years!) Oh, the stories I could tell! Anyway, there are lots of treatments available and I feel so relieved to know I'm not crazy (at least not in respect to my bladder.)


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