Monday, November 8, 2010

Fish Curry and Fishy Currency

My awesome babysitter, Gabe.
This picture is from "crazy hair day" at school. I love you, bud!

So, Zeke and I went out on a date Friday night! Yes, just the two of us and it was so wonderful. I enjoyed every other minute of it (because every other minute I was worrying about the kids, I just can't help it.) Gabe, our awesome almost 13 year old, offered to babysit for us. YAY! He does a really good job, especially with Zoe helping him with Beck. But I still worry, one time when a babysitter was here, the kids got in a pudding fight (them against her!) and over-cooked an egg roll in the microwave, filling the house with smoke and setting off the fire alarm. Yes, I think you might worry too. Thank goodness for cell phones!

Zeke brought home Little Caesar's pizza for the kids. I even curled my hair for the big night. (I should have taken a picture, dang!) We decided this was Zeke's Belated Birthday/New Job celebration date. We went in my Dad's old truck (Zeke's new truck). That was really fun!

We unanimously agreed to eat at the "Tandoori Oven". YUMMY! This was our second time eating there and we will definitely go back for more. Their fish curry is so delicious! My mouth is watering for it even as I type. We also got some garlic naan and tried the lamb curry. The first time we ate there, we also had some excellent "Butter Chicken". Seriously, don't knock it til you try it! I didn't think I would like Indian food at all and now I love it so much I've been trying to make it at home.

Saturday was fun too. Zeke and the boys stayed home, while the girls and I went shopping! We went to a "Cents of Style" party at my friend, Teri's house. I love that stuff! I got a few Christmas presents for my family and a pretty blue scarf for myself. I've been wanting to get a scarf for forever. Some how it makes me feel really old, but I've decided that's okay. I wore it all day Saturday and to church on Sunday. FUN!

Ever since Zeke got this new job, we have been looking for a new table. The one we have is WAY too big for our little kitchen and it has grooves ("Beware the groooves!") They aren't the best for a family that has 3 out of 4 children who like to draw ALL the time. I'm sure Beck will join them when he stops eating the crayons and scribbling on my windows! Grrrr!

Anyway, Zeke and I went looking Friday night and we found an awesome table on clearance. So on Saturday, I decided to go get it. I had everything all budgeted out (even the sales tax), so I knew exactly what the total should be. When the salesperson entered it into the computer he gave me a total that was $25 more than what I figured. Some people might say "It's only another $25, in fact, that's what the salesperson tried to tell me." But that $25 is MY $25! He said that I have to pay sales tax on the ORIGINAL price, not the clearance price. What?! Have you ever heard of that? It sounded pretty fishy to me. He kept showing me how he got the total and I was like, "Yeah, I get your math, but this is wrong!" I told him there was NO way I was paying extra sales tax and if he wouldn't take off that $25 I wouldn't buy the table. I was ready to walk away and then he said, "Well, I guess I can try to enter it into the computer a different way and hope my manager doesn't notice...I guess just this one time it might be okay... I don't think I'll get in trouble, but you never know." Oh brother! I don't think he planned on me figuring that one out... I've been really bothered by this. Not only is it dishonest, but I'm sure it's illegal isn't it? Zeke and I are going to call the manager and find out their policy. Maybe it's just that particular salesperson trying to take a little bit off the top for himself? or maybe it's the whole store and they're trying to get ahead.... gosh, I hope not.

But on the bright side, I got an AWESOME table for an even more awesome price! :) I won't actually get it until the 19th... just in time for Thanksgiving. Zeke and I are staying here with the kids this year so he can study for finals (aka get caught up and hope to pass!) We are going to make some Indian dishes too.... anyone for some turkey curry maybe?


  1. LACY!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I love Indian food. In fact, tonight I'm making Butter Chicken and Garlic Naan! Want the recipe?? he he. It's good. Anywho, I think that place is dishonest. but it's also good to know if they really do do that as a policy or someone was doing really wrong to you. I'm excited you're getting a new table!! I need a new table but we're going to be refinishing ours and I found some cute fabric to redo it. At least it will be nicer looking til we can get another one. We don't "need" another one, but I am looking forward to another one. ha ha ha.
    I wanna see a picture too of the table when you get it! yahoo!! I'm so nosy.
    And yeah, I love that you have a free babysitter now. I'm jealous. he he. But I am exactly like you. I enjoy my dates but worry like crazy about the kids. It's what a good mommy does :) And I loved your scarf too!

  2. I'm curious as to what the manager says when you talk with him. I wouldn't think you would pay tax on the full price. I've never thought about that I better check when I buy things on sale. Okay so I have to say (this is probably because I'm pregnant) but hearing lamb curry and fish curry doesn't sound good at all. Glad all went well with your kids while you had your date. I'm surprised you don't utilize Gabe more often. Although I would be leery after that past babysitting experience. I wouldn't be asking that babysitter back yikes.

  3. Yay for a new table! Grooves are a bad thing.

    I love Gabe's wacky hair.

    I'm interested in knowing what the store says. I'm taking the side that I think it's the clerk who's weasel-ey.

    I love some curry but not all of it. Red is my favorite, yellow can be iffy and I've never had green. Thai food is my favorite but I've never had Indian. I have a great red curry peanut sauce recipe if you want it. Just let me know!

    Have a great day.

  4. Bring on the recipes! yes, please :) Thanks, Jess, for the ones you sent me already... Zeke will be SO excited. (me too)

  5. What a fun addition to eat your Thanksgiving dinner at!

  6. Ben's been wanting us to try Indian food forever and I've been too nervous. But my sister in NYC just loves it, and apparently so do you. I need to take a leap.

    I am so jealous that you have a child old enough to babysit. I understand your continuing nervousness, though. My 3 year old lit the carpet on fire once for a babysitter. Just a tiny spot, but it sure sounds bad, doesn't it?


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