Monday, November 29, 2010

I knew I loved you before I met you...

When Zeke and I we were dating in high school, we decided that if we ever got married and had a daughter, we would name her Zoe Lace. Zoe, from some vampire book Zeke was reading, and Lace, after me. Zoe is a Greek name that means "life." Her name definitely fits her; she is always full of energy and life. I always dreamed about having a little girl with dark brown eyes and brown hair... and now I have two!

Well, on November 30, 2000 at 9:39pm after 12 hours of labor and
then an emergency C-section here she was:
8lbs 15.7oz! She was a sweet chubby baby with tons of BLACK hair.
The nurses would look at her and then at me and say,
"Did we bring you the right baby?"
Her little face was so round and pink and her hair was so dark,
we thought she looked like an Eskimo baby.
Six Months
18 Months
Gabe dressing Zoe in his clothes, 2003
Sisters: Zoe meets Kaia for the first time, April 12, 2004
Zoe being Zoe, 2006
Zoe with Beck, Summer 2008
Zoe with Pippin, Christmas 2008
Zoe being Zoe, Spring 2009
Zoe and her new glasses, November 2009

Zoe has always been the peacemaker of our home. That being said, if you push her too far or if she has been wrongly accused... WATCH OUT! She is so patient, too patient, but sometimes she gets to the point where she just can't handle Gabe, Kaia, and Beck anymore and she let's them know!

I'm proud of her for standing up for what is right and trying to be friends and include everyone, regardless of what other children at school want her to do. This has been a big trial for Zoe and she has stayed strong, even when some of her "friends" have turned away from her and ridiculed her for choosing to play with everyone. Girls can be so mean sometimes. I hope Zoe can continue to be a good example.

She is very creative and talented. She loves to design and make dresses for her dolls and even herself. She has become a very good seamstress in her short ten years. She has an eye for color and design and loves to coordinate her clothes. She also loves to cook and has learned to make many things in the last few years. She has been singing and dancing with TaVaci for about a year. She is the one who keeps us in tune when we sing songs for family home evening and scripture study.

Zoe's the one who always tells me "Thank you for this yummy dinner, Mommy", even when it's not. Zoe's the first one to stop complaining and arguing and say "Okay, Mom, and then do what I've asked her." Zoe is SO silly! She loves to tell jokes and imitate characters from movies... she really has a talent for performing and making people laugh. "You're a good person!" (that's an inside joke from Zoe... from Shark Tale :) She is amazing in her ability to remember not just movie quotes, but entire scenes from movies, word for word. This is a highly coveted ability in our home!

She has a true admiration and unconditional love as a little sister to Gabe and is an amazingly patient and generous big sister to Kaia. I know Beck has been hard for both Zoe and I to handle. We like things quiet and peaceful (he is neither of those 100% of the time). I love her for hanging in there with me. I don't know why, maybe because she is so good, which doesn't really make sense, but I feel like I am the hardest on Zoe. I push her too much. I get after her for too many little things... I want so much for her.

My promise, Miss Zoe, now that you're 10 years old: I am going to do my very best to be positive and encouraging in all that you do. You are an influence for good in our family. I promise I will let you know that more often. And when you're feeling a bit grumpy or if you forget to put something away, I will try to be more patient and forgiving like you are with me. You are wonderful in so many ways!
Happy 10th Birthday, Zoe Lace, you are my special sweet girl.
I love you so much!
Eleven pictures, one for each year we've been blessed to have you in our family and one to grow on! :)


  1. This is an awesome post for your sweet Zoe, I hope she has a great birthday. :)
    PS-I love the new look of your blog!

  2. Lacy! I loved reading this. Zoe is such a wonderful sweet girl. I hope she has a happy birthday!!!

  3. Do you pronounce it "Zo" or "Zoey"?

  4. Thanks Shauntae and Jessica!
    Amber, it's "Zoey" but we call her "Zo" quite a bit too. :) I hope Jovie comes today!

  5. Happy Birthday to Zoe!

    It's so nice to meet a fellow cat lover. I see several pictures in past posts with those feline family members. :)


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