Thursday, April 14, 2011

If you could

If you could see my pile of dishes. I'm really glad you can't.

If you could be with my 3 year old and understand just how crazy and busy he is. He needs some serious Mom time.

If you could know how crazy my day was yesterday and even how much crazier my night was. It takes a village...

If you could understand what it's like to have a child with asthma and everything that goes along with that. She misses out on so much.
This time of year is hard.

If you could get inside my brain and see how much I really want to read all your blogs and make a fabulous post about Kaia's birthday.

Not today.

"No success can compensate for failure in the home." -- David O. McKay


  1. David O. McKay's quote is one of my absolute favorites. Your priorities are right on. Have a great day my friend.

  2. Yes, have a great day! You are a good mommy :)

    Sorry about all the hard stuff that interrupts the everyday stuff.

  3. Props to you for having the sheer willpower to just walk away from the computer. I find it hard sometimes. Good luck today.

  4. My dearest neighbor. Sigh. I'm sorry it's one of those days. Know I'm wishing you a better one from across the street.

  5. thanks everyone... and Lora, you MADE my day! :) You have now idea how much it meant to me that you came over... really really.

  6. I stopped updating my blog so it wouldnt stress you out not to read about my awesomeness... I'm nice like that.

    this sounds so cliche, but tomorrow is another day... thats what I think when i feel that time is moving too fast or I am too busy or i feel like i may have failed my family that day - tomorrow is another day. :)


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