Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Satan gave me some Zyrtec

You know that song, "Satan gave me a taco" from Beck. Yeah, you probably don't, but it's one of our family favorites. You just might click on another blog right about now...

Well, as you know, yesterday, was not my best day. However, I woke up feeling absolutely FABULOUS today... could it be all the wonderful comments you posted yesterday? DEFINITELY. I'm so thankful for all of you. I love you all!

Could it be a random girl's night at my neighbor Lora's house? YES, most definitely! Oh dear, have you woke up the next morning after a night of crazy and thought, "Why did I say that?", "Why did I do that?" Yeah, it was that fun! Here are my accomplices, if you ever need any dirt on me, they have it:
ALLISON (I don't know if you have a blog and
I think I might have freaked you out a little, but I thought it was fun.)

Well, I also realized that way back on Monday, I was having seasonal allergy issues, so before I went to bed I took a Zyrtec. And when I woke up yesterday I felt AWFUL. Shaky and stressed and tired and groggy and DEPRESSED. It was the Zyrtec. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it! By the way, I did NOT take a Zyrtec last night, but I did consume quite a bit of chocolate. Hmmm... I think there's a connection.

So, I have to fill you in on the events yesterday:

Visiting teaching went really well. Prayer changes things. Even my prideful stubborn heart. (sometimes) I had a strong feeling that I'm right where I need to be for the moment for good or bad. My partner has a lot of strengths I didn't recognize until yesterday. The Spirit helped me a lot. I think sometimes Satan doesn't want us to go visiting teaching because it's so good for us. Carry on.

"Zoe and Kaia and sharing a bedroom" SAGA: Zoe prayed about it again yesterday morning before school and we made another list of pros and cons. Zeke and I talked with her about when you make a decision and pray about it and get a good feeling that you shouldn't second guess it. If it's right, it's right. That being said -- it doesn't mean everything will go smoothly 100% of the time. We tried to use the analogy of us getting married, we know it's right, we love each other, but sometimes we really can't stand the sight of each other. (NO, we didn't say that to Zoe!) But we did say that sometimes it's hard being married, but we keep going because we love each other and it's mostly FUN:)

So, after school, she said, "I really want to share a room with Kaia, it's more fun than not!" She has been at peace ever since... and I am more than a little excited to reclaim the family room! HAPPY DAY!

Oh, one of the MANY topics of conversation at girl's night:
If you don't know, this guy is Jani Lane, the lead singer from a 90's hairband called Warrant. (Yes, I LOVED them!)
Don't you think I look like him? My brother says I do.
(Thanks for the picture, Tawnya)
Being totally whacked is much better than being depressed.
Oh, and I almost forgot to thank my awesome hubby for encouraging me to go hang out with my friends and for taking care of the kids. LOVE you.


  1. So relieved to hear that you are having a better day today! I just want to say Love You, you inspire me to be my best. <3

  2. I know Zyrtec makes people funny sometimes. I, however, take it daily and it's a lifesaver here.
    In other news, hoping we move somewhere I don't have to take it daily. I don't take it when I'm in UT at all...

  3. I just started taking Zyrtec too! That is so funny, and it made me super groggy too. I started taking it at night before bed, and it's seems to work better. Glad today is better.

  4. I am not kidding you-I had the exact experience with Zyrtec a couple of years ago!!!! My doctor told me I would either love it or hate it. I HATE IT! I know it works great for some people but it made me miserable...Glad you ate chocolate last night instead! Have fun at your girls night out-I am so jealous!!!

  5. Ummm, I guess you do look a little like the guy in the picture. Because as my eyes scanned the picture a few seconds before I began reading I wondered if the pic was Gabe dressed up or playing on photoshop or something!

  6. I forgot to say...I LOVE the analogy of marriage. I think that is perfect and spot on and a great lesson for you to teach her. Good job Mama!

  7. Oh...and the claratin knock-off. Non-drowsy. No groggy gross. Around $10 for 2 big bottles at Sams. LOVE.

  8. Lacy I like that you are "whacked" , your posts always brighten my day :) Glad your feeling better. Although...I'm thinking a good portion of it was the chocolate he he :)

  9. Yeah! I love a happy ending...and I'm so glad that your bad day was followed by an equally great day. High five for girls night out.

  10. yay, you took time out for yourself. sounds like you have some awesome girlfriends! i totally loved Warrant... "Heaven isn't too far away..." glad you had a much better day. maybe you need to hang with girls and have chocolate every night!!!

  11. I am dying laughing right now...and I'm not even on anything! LOL :) I hope you are feeling better!


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