Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Belated Biologist's Mother's Day Song

Yes, I am a total science geek; I enjoyed this WAY more than I care to admit. It brings back so many memories of my Developmental Biology class at USU. I just happened to be pregnant with Gabe while taking this class, so my professor often used me for examples in class... yeah. I LOVED this!! I want to be Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus when I grow up! Thanks from LisAway for sharing it on her blog. :)

This week has been very busy... my hubby got home last night at midnight and we're all glad to have him back. Life is good! Yay for mothers everywhere, we ROCK! :)


  1. glad your hubby is back! how funny you're a science geek. i'm so not. i'm a history buff and i love sociology! it's all about people for me!

    oh and i'll listen to this song when the kiddos are up so i don't wake them :)

  2. Funny song, and I even learned something. :) I almost majored in Biology and I adore Ms. Frizzle too!

  3. I love retail therapy especially if it is a good deal (in reference to your skirt and earrings).

  4. That made me laugh a lot! Still am. Thanks for sharing!

  5. K, I loved that and I have to steal it. I was in Logan today for a sealing and I thought of you. Did you like the rain? Loves.

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