Monday, May 23, 2011

Blah-ging: it's not you, it's me

I've been so busy and I'm just not in the mood to blog... I'll try to catch up on my blog reading tonight. I promise: it's not you, it's ME! Blah.

We had a wonderful weekend:
  • We took Friday off and just played. All six of us. It was more than splendid. I'll write more about that later too. We kind of planned it last minute. It was SO fun. We are so blessed. By the way, I love sushi.
  • On Saturday we cleaned out our garage and car, just to mention a few things. And those are MAJOR things.
  • I went to a Stake RS meeting and heard a great talk by Emily Watts. She was AWESOME! I'll write more about that later too.
  • We rented Harry Potter 7 from the Redbox and I loved it. (Kaia and Beck didn't watch it -- I'll save you the trouble of cussing me out. You're welcome.) *SPOILER ALERT* Tell me I'm not the only person that cried when Dobby got killed? I knew it was going to happen; I've read the book, but it still made me really sad.
  • We ate dinner outside -- to me, this is THE welcoming ritual of summer. Any suggestions on yummy things to grill?
  • The girls and I got new swimsuit cover ups and flip flops -- another sign that summer is really coming!
Are they cute or what?
My cover up is the same color as Zoe's. The sash can be worn many different ways and well, that fact made us want them regardless of the color. They can be dresses, skirts, sleeveless cover-ups over your bathing suit, yeah, it's just too groovy. We can't wait to walk around Bear Lake all dressed the same. I am so blessed to have these precious girls.
They are definitely my shopping buddies.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS week.
My kids get out of school on Friday and for the moment,
I'm really happy about it.
No more homework, no more books, no more children's dirty looks! :)
I just want to play...


  1. It's me too!!! It is all I can do just to post my picture a day in May...SSHHH! Don't tell anyone but a few of those days I actually posted a couple at a time and changed the date...I am doing really bad on my list of things to do for May so I figured I better at least do the easiest one on the list. I am pitiful.
    Also don't tell anyone that Jake (almost 10) DID see the Deathly Hollows when I bought it. I wasn't going to let him watch it but since my husband has let him watch all the Lord of the Rings (yep...all of them.), all the Indiana Jones, and all the Star Wars. AND EVEN THE FIRST OF THE NEWEST BATMAN MOVIES!!!! I could have killed him for that one-even more than all the others. Did I mention that Aaron let Jake watch Star Wars (all of them-even the one with the creepy guy with horns and the red a black face...What's his name?) when he was 5 YEARS OLD!!!..Okay, now I am just rambling, but I still have to say: LOVE the cover ups, can't wait to here about you fun family day, and I am so jealous you only have a few days left of school!! We have 15 days left-I thought there was 23 days left about 3 weeks ago...I was way off..Okay now I am done rambling. :)

  2. I don't know what I would post on my blog next week...blah! But something will pop into my head I bet, or atleast I hope so... I feel the same way you do about blogging a new post when i'm not ready for it. It catches me off gard, haha. I'll catch up though on what you've posted before, I haven't raed them yet. so I'll do that :) thanks for sharing your thoughts on my blog Lacey :)

  3. I love the swimsuit coverups. I told Jim I wanted one this year for our trips to Lake Tahoe. And I am excited for my kids to be out also...although it means Brindley is done with Elementary and will be in middle school next year.

  4. I saw Emily Watts at Time Out for Women in April and I just loved her!

    And I totally cried when Dobby died. Not quite as much as I did when I read it in the book, but yes, I cried.

    And way cute cover ups!

  5. OH, your girls are so cute!!

  6. Lace,
    Cute cover up's! We've been bbq a little bit the last couple weeks. I found some yummy bbq sauce (Sweet Baby Ray's) and it is GOOD!!!! I love to BBQ and eat outside! Love you! :)

  7. That hardly seems possible to get out so early. Our schools get out June 22. Those cover ups are so cool. Where did you get them?

  8. Amen! I just want to play, too! How was your library trip? I can't wait for summer days at the pool and library!

  9. your girls are so cute! i love sushi too. and outdoor dining is so much fun!

    my husband usually grills chicken thighs, steak, tri-tip (mmm), brisket, ribs. but i also like when people grill salmon. oh, grilled corn, onions and other veggies (like squash) are delicious too!

    now i'm hungry! yay that summer is coming soon and your kids are almost out of school!

  10. Carrie, don't worry, Zoe(10) and Gabe (13) did watch Deathly Hallows and all the Star Wars and all the Lord of the Rings... and they LOVED them. Even Kaia (7) has seen most of the Harry Potters (not the last 3). My husband has taken Gabe to Iron Man, Transformers... I can't even remember...

    Wendi, I got the cover ups at Wal-Mart, they have been so fun:)

    Katie, it was good to see you and your little class :)

  11. I'm so excited for summer too! I've got you entered in my bbq giveaway...I hope you win. Love the new swim stuff. I bought me a new suit about a month ago and I still haven't tried it on. I'm afraid too...all the stress in my life has been causing chocolate to be my new best friend. I guess I need to do something about that before summer really gets here.

  12. We just watched HP 7 a couple of weeks ago for the first time. It was so great! I'm pretty sure I will have to find a babysitter so my husband and I can actually go on a date when the second movie comes out.

    And I'm really excited that school is almost out too. I look forward to relaxing. Sigh.

  13. Have you ever grilled pizza? It's a favorite at our house. Also pinapple. Hip hooray for the kids getting out of school. Let it be summer.


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