Tuesday, May 3, 2011

decisions, decisions

Last Saturday, Zeke and I started watching a movie in bed around 10:30pm. FYI, I am NOT a late night person... I just cannot stay awake. So sometime around? I don't know? midnight... I was SCARED awake by this horrible snorting/choking pig noise. Then, I suddenly realized I was choking a little and gasping for air and.... then, I realized it was ME! I had fallen asleep sitting up and snored/snorted so loud I woke myself up. How attractive.

We've been married for 15 years now, and I am still so embarrassed. I think Zeke was embarrassed for me too, because he didn't really laugh too much (on the outside anyway). I was really confused and groggy and said, "*snort* Wha! What's going on?! *gasp*" and he just said, "Uh, honey, I think you were snoring..." Nice. Anyhoo...

Saturday is Zeke's graduation... YAY!
Saturday is also Zeke's big party... it will be fun, right?
So far 168 people have said they are coming. 168 people! In my backyard.
Or if the weather doesn't hold, we'll be at the church, but still.
I've got a LOT of work to do.

So this is what I should be doing:
  • mowing the lawn
  • cleaning out the garden
  • cleaning my house
  • grocery shopping
  • fixing the hole and scratches in the paint on our wall from trying to put our couch in the basement
  • getting lights, music, and decorations for the party
  • preparing my Primary lesson for Sunday... yeah.
  • taking down the trampoline -- 168 people? that's just a law suit waiting to happen.
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc (i.e. WORK)
This is what I've been doing:
  • blogging
  • making the "perfect station" on Pandora. Today? The Hives, Jet, Jimmy Eat World, The Script, Jack Johnson...
  • playing "Just Dance" with Beck... our favorite song? "Lump" from Presidents of the U.S.A.
  • stressing about my aquarium... I lost two fish over the weekend and I took a water sample in to PetSmart and the ammonia levels are really high. Not sure why. I love my fishies.
  • sewing funky pillows for my bed, oh the possibilities...
  • reading "The Help", so far I like it. It's a great distraction from the party. At this point anything is. I'm excited, but I would rather just have it be here than stress about it.
  • stressing about my aquarium... I've changed the water twice since Saturday. :(
  • redesigning an old dress of mine after seeing this. I hope it turns out... Here's the before:
I sound like a 10 year old... and you know, this week, I kinda feel like one.

*GOOD NEWS!!* Remember Kaia's weird little growth/mole thing on her tummy? I took her in yesterday and it's nothing serious at all. Some weird phenomenon where the lymph nodes and blood vessels group together on the surface of the skin. Official name? lymphangeoma circum scriptum (spell check did NOT like that one!) Nick name? Frog Spawn! (I am NOT kidding!) When Kaia heard that she yells, "Wicked!!! I'm going to tell Hannah that I have frog spawn on my tummy!" :) Oh, I am so happy it makes me cry. We are blessed.

Oh, and one more VERY important thing... it's Book Club on Thursday! How does it always seem to come just in time?


  1. I figure the first time your hubby witnessed childbirth, the romance and mystery are gone.

    Making new stations on Pandora is ALWAYS a worthy waste...I mean use of time. I heart Pandora; it is happening in a far out groovy way.

    Lump is one of our favorite songs on Rock Band.

    The Help is sitting on my shelf. Maybe I'll start it this week.

    I assume you read New Dress A Day?

    Feel free to not read this comment until after all your chores are done... ;)

  2. There will be so many people that are there to be there with you guys and celebrate. They will not look at the grass, garden, paint...
    Don't do any of it! I will help on Saturday if you need anything.
    I love you.

  3. i read The Help last year and LOVED it - great book!!!!!! I need to read it again. STAT.

    also - 168 people????? I dont think I even know 168 people, let alone 168 people that I would want to invite to my house to celebrate my husband's graduation. I am super impressed. :) (mostly that you have a yard to facilitate 168 people... :)

    I am interested to see the dress re-do. I love me a good sewing project. Good luck with everything!

    ps, pandora is completely necessary to complete all the above listed tasks. :)

  4. Glad it is just frog spawn!

    Parties are soooo fun in theory....The few days before I always think why did I say we were going to do this again!?! It will be great-the to do list before never is though! We are going to party big time too when Aaron graduates in December. Not 168 people though...You are ambitious!

    I am so excited to see your dress redo! (I am going to do my very first, all by myself, sewing project this month...I know I am slacker.)

  5. i'm great at getting distracted too! my house is always REALLY clean when i need to get something like writing done :) and love that you snored yourself awake. done that too. it's funny. my hubby does it more though. and at least it wasn't something from the other end. haha.


  6. What a fun busy time. Good luck with everything and don't stress too much.

    Happy Mother's Day!


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