Thursday, June 16, 2011

Now I've done it!

Okay, I seriously need to write a blog post... life is so busy and crazy right now.

A quote I really like, "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle." Life is too short. No one is perfect. Look for the good. People can change.

I also believe that no matter how hard you try, you cannot get people to believe or see something they don't want to, even if it is the truth. Like Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do." But the truth will come to light someday and I am at peace knowing that retribution is with God. Let go and let GOD. Some good life lessons learned this week, not by choice, but maybe this was needed long ago.

Just FYI, we have ONE computer and now that school's out for the summer, there are FIVE of us waiting in line to use it during the day. Yeah, I'm thinking one post a week might be pushing it.

We've been swimming, BBQ-ing, cleaning, painting, gardening, laughing, crying, cooking, shopping, going to gymnastics, movie watching, reading, and staying up WAY too late... and just enjoying not having to do homework every night!

By the way, we watched a movie on Netflix called, "Outsourced", I really liked it.

NEWS of the week:
1) My neighbor and dear friend, Lora, is EXPECTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best news ever!
2) I got to meet a blog friend this week! Amber, I had a great time finally talking to you in person. Your kids are adorable! I wish I would have taken more pictures.
3) Zoe had an "Un-birthday" party today. Ever since she could talk, she's wanted a water party: swimming, water balloons, sprinklers, etc. Poor girl was born in November... so this year, she got her wish! :)
4) Last Saturday, I invited the girls from my Book Club and their families over for a BBQ. It was the best night ever! :) I seriously LOVE every single one of these women; they have saved my life. To see some of the highlights... go here, this is my dear friend, Tawnya's blog. This is Beck and his best friend, Sammy, at the BBQ. This is serious. Beck does NOT want to share Sammy with Kaia. At all. Or with anyone else. Sammy is the man! Beck talks about him all day and pretends he's here. :)
5) Gabe (far right) and his buddies heading to a Young Men's activity... they look pretty dang cute I think!

Zeke and I are so blessed. We have so many wonderful people in our life. Thank you to Lora, Tawnya, Amber, Nancy, Nicole, Melissa, Lisa, and anyone else who has made me smile. :)

Wow, suddenly June is half over. I need to take more pictures and keep working on my "to do" list. I've re-painted Beck's room and the family room. Next up is our room and the deck!

Next week: swimming lessons

Oh, and some good advice I learned the hard way,
"Never toss a bag of topsoil into your trunk!" (Do I need to explain?)


  1. We love parties at our house! Every year my son has had a water party for his birthday in June except for this one. We are going to try a carnival this time! I'll let you know how it turns out.

  2. I love you! And, well...this thing with Beck and Sammy IS serious. I hope they stay friends for the longest of times! Sammy CANNOT wait to invite Beck to his birthday party - even though he'll see him so much between now and then!

  3. We just finished two weeks of swimming lessons. Phew! Now the garden needs some serious attention. The summer is cruising by so fast!

  4. Y'know that thing on Star Trek where they stand on a platform, sort of dissolve, and suddenly appear in the place they want to be? I wish wish wish that was real. "Beam me up, Scotty."

  5. sounds like you're having a fun summer so far. love that Zoe had an "unbirthday." very sweet. my girls love to play in the water too, though we haven't quite gotten everything out yet for the summer. if you can believe it, it actually rained last night! my 3yo asked me if the homeless man near the freeway was Jesus. she made me smile. having a great week and hope you are too!

  6. I hear ya on the computer waiting. The kids fight over who gets to go first. We've had to start rotating days.

  7. Unbirthday parties are the best. I think I may need to throw one soon!

    I'm happy to see you again!

  8. I too have been learning to "let go and let God" lately in a lot of situations...and one in particular where your quote by Mother Teresa really hit home too. :)
    Hooray for an un-birthday party! So fun!! :D
    And Congrats to Lora! Woooo!

  9. Your list of things you've been doing sounds like the recipe for a great summer! :)

  10. Hope you're enjoying Father's Day with your hubby and kids!!!

  11. High five for meeting blogging friends in real life. How fun. And I love that you celebrated your daughters un-birthday. Every November birthday girl deserves at least one summer birthday party.

  12. Yikes on the topsoil! Looks like your summer is very full...ours has just begun, but is also so full!

    And so much fun that you got to meet Amber! :)

  13. Sounds like you are having a fun summer so far! Why is it so hard to blog in the summer?! We have a family computer and my husband has a lap top for school...There are only 3 of us and I have access to the computer whenever I want it...and we are home goofing off...and I still find it hard to sit down and document our happenings! Then when I do there is too much to cover and I have 1,000 pictures to upload...I quit! Just kidding I never could do that. I will wait patiently for your once a week posts because they always make me smile. :)


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