Friday, June 24, 2011

Three is a Magic Number

Well, here's my week: Swim lessons everyday, Playdate/Park everyday, shopping, library, gymnastics, art class, oh, and laundry, dishes, dinner, and guilt from NOT working in my yard.

I realized this week I have reached a milestone in my life. This is the FIRST time EVER in 10 years that I have been able to sit and watch my kids during their entire swimming lesson. WOW. Really it is SO weird. Gabe started when he was three and I was busy with Zoe. Gabe and Zoe took lessons and I was busy chasing Kaia. For the last three years, I have been chasing Beck while Gabe, Zoe, and Kaia have been doing their lessons. Now, Beck is three and this is his first summer taking lessons.

I have 40 whole minutes just to sit there! *bliss* It took me until yesterday to realize I should bring a book! Every few minutes I would look up and smile and wave at the kids. Beck keeps giving me the "thumbs up" I like this new phase of being a Mommy. My brain feels so calm. It's time to re-fuel. Especially after chasing Beck through Wal-Mart yesterday morning!

Today is the first day this week I don't HAVE to go anywhere. I'm looking forward to working in the yard and reading "Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo". I'm on chapter four and it's really good so far. Really good, if you like juvenile science fiction/fantasy and I DO!

We're also going to a wedding reception tonight for one of Zeke's former young men/scouts. It's so cool/bizarre to see the youth grow up and get married. *sniff sniff* Where does the time go?
My girls just LOVE to go to weddings and see the bride's dress!
The girls have been playing dress up lately. Here they are as the Red Fairies complete with RED lipstick. I know I'm just a *little* biased, but I think they are absolutely adorable. I am so thankful they have each other. They are so close. Sometimes too close... there are some occasional arguments, usually over candy or jewelry or the cats. Oh, to be little again!
Last Friday, Zeke and Gabe went camping with the Scouts, so I took Zoe, Kaia, and Beck to the park. We also went Father's Day shopping for Zeke and got him some new shorts. This guy doesn't really ever buy clothes for himself other than shoes and T-shirts with funny sayings on them. I've mended and re-mended most of his shorts. He calls one pair his "Frankenstein Shorts" because of all the stitches on them. It was time to get new shorts!

I love this picture of Beck.
He was jumping up the slide and I caught him with his feet in the air:
Unfortunately, he jumped so hard, he hit his head on the slide:
"Whoa, Mom, did you see dat?!"

The girls call this the "little red spinny chair". It's tilted a bit, so when you sit in it and lean just a little, you start spinning so fast you wish you never sat there. I've only sat there twice. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! What was I thinking? I used to love stuff like that. Not so much anymore, actually not at all. It's really hard to get out, especially with one hand over your mouth! Needless to say, Kaia and Zoe LOVE it!
Beck isn't too fond of the "little red spinny chair",
but this motorcycle is one of his favorites.
This park is one of my FAVORITE places to be.
It's only three minutes from our house.

I hope you're all having a FABULOUS summer and please don't feel bad if I haven't commented on your blog... I haven't forgotten any of you wonderful friends. I LOVE your comments and I look forward to catching up on your blogs in the next few days.


  1. That's how it starts . . . we were constantly going to wedding receptions when I was a kid. To this day I canNOT resist clicking on any link that mentions them. It's a slight obsession. :-)

  2. (and by them I mean wedding dresses. Also - I'm a spaz.)

  3. Leven Thumps was the first book I let my oldest read without me reading it first. I just could not get into it. I am almost finished with the Uglies series, though. How did I not know about those books until now??

    Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer; perfect!

  4. I've taken the grandkids to that park, we like to watch the ducks there.

  5. What park is this? I have never been there. And I love that genre too, but couldn't get past the first book in that series. Amanda

  6. Leven thumps is on my want to read soon list...but that list just keeps growing and growing! :) (wanna do a guest post for me on it?)

    Our park has one of those little red chairs...I am not a fan, but my boys love it too! :)

    Have a wonderful summer!

  7. I loved that summer when all three of my boys were finally in swimming lessons...actually, I think I cried about it for quite a while the first day...but then I brought a book the next day and enjoyed the sunshine and silence!

    PS- I just found the post I wrote about this exact experience, here's the link:

    Enjoy! :)

  8. So fun! I can't even imagine having a few minutes to myself yet. The closest I get is once a week at volleyball, but I'm in charge and I usually have at least 3 of my older kids there. That means I have to keep everybody happy, so instead of being fun it usually ends up being stressful.

  9. Give me about three years and I'll be there. For this year I'm sure I'll have to take the littlest two to the park while the kids have their lessons. I don't want to struggle to keep BriLynn out of the water the whole time. I'm glad you get a moment to sit and read, so nice :)

  10. Do you know we've never been to that park? Let me know the next time you go...

  11. i love that your girls are so close. that's so great. i really hope mine grow up to be close too! and i can't wait for the day when i can actually read a book during my kid's lessons. right now it's so hard and i'm exhausted chasing around my 15mo old while my other daughter takes classes. i even wonder if it's worth it sometimes.

    anyway, i'm encouraged by your life. so hopefully when everyone is 3+ then life will be a tad more relaxing.


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