Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This is my thinking face

I feel so behind on blogs and blogging. We had a good trip. It's always nice to see my parents. I didn't feel too well most of the time and well, that's just not any fun is it? Can I just tell you how much my parents LOVE the soundtrack to Mamma Mia? ha ha ha... good times. We went for a ride with them and they were SO into the music. It was a treat to see them out of the house and enjoying each other and the music. :)

I'm trying to get my children into some kind of summer routine. Yesterday was great, but I'm not sure yet how blogging will fit into it. Yesterday was also full of unpacking and extra laundry.

I'm trying to finish reading a book because Book Club is TONIGHT! I'm excited, but I've gotta get reading! So far, I really like the book. It's called, "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton. We'll see how it ends. I also need to find a babysitter because Zeke and Gabe are going hiking with the deacons... I will TRIUMPH!

I always feel kinda weird visiting the cemetary... kind of sad and just really introspective. So many memories, so many regrets, so many worries, so many questions, so many hopes and wishes. I enjoyed going to visit the graves of both sets of grandparents, as well as my sister, Brenda, and my cousin, Rory. Life is SO precious. It can be over in an instant. This weekend was FULL of emotions and I find myself overly cautious and smiling on the outside, but worrying like a paranoid crazy person on the inside.

Here's my Mom, Zoe, and Kaia at the Centerfield, Utah Cemetary... it was very cold and windy. This is the headstone of my paternal grandparents, Leo and Eliza Andersen. Don't you just love Zoe and Kaia's headbands/bows? My Mom always has some special little thing for them. She is THE best grandma.
I am so thankful that she can be part of their lives.
Here's the boys: my Dad, Gabe, and Beck
(sorry the picture is so fuzzy, I took it from my phone)
The highlight of the weekend was my Dad singing "one of his songs"... you just have to know my Dad. I'll have to share a few with you later. But this was a song I've never heard before and well, before he got to the second verse, my Mom came running in and shut him up. My kids were laughing so hard and just DYING to know what he was going to sing. Dad, I'm still curious. You said you'd sing it to Zeke later and he could sing it to me. Oh, I can only imagine. :)

As soon as I finish that book, I will catch up on my blog reading!
Oh, and go hug your little ones at least two or three times, ok? :)


  1. I'm only a quarter of the way through the book and I'm sad about missing BC tonight- so I'm probably not going to push and finish it like I should. Glad your vacation went well but sorry you were sick- that always makes it hard.

    I'm super weird and kind of like cemeteries. Always have. I feel like it's one of the few places I can still connect with those that I love that have passed on. I guess that's why we have them. When we were at the cemetery on MOnday one grave had a beer next to it. We think it was the guy's brother that came and shared a drink with him. It's the little things like that that get to me. See you didn't know I was so odd.

    Miss you guts- hope you find a babysitter so you can go enjoy yourself :)

  2. Sigh. I didn't finish. But I will! Just not for tonight...I've been a little distracted.

    Maggie! We shall toast in your honor tonight, my friend!

  3. Your Dad looks like someone I want to know. I love the sparkle in his eye...even with a blurry picture.

  4. How fun to spend time with your parents! Mine live five hours away and I don't see them nearly often enough.

  5. It has been way to long since I sat down and read a good book - or really any book. I should change that. Any suggestions?

    Also, I’ve kind of felt the same way about blogging lately. So much so that I cleaned out my google reader and deleted a ton of blogs because I felt that I had too many to keep up on. And I would much rather spend my limited comupter time writing a post than reading posts. I kept only my absolute favorite ones to keep up on. It was a good spring clean.

    And I just saw your quote of the day. It's a good one, isn't it?

    Happy Friday to you.

  6. I love mom and dad time! I look forward to getting my chance to hang with the fam maybe this summer. And let me know if I should check out that book after ya finish, k? I've been picking up some no good books and am on an adventure to find some good ones.

  7. hope you feel better soon. it's always so hard coming home from vacations and i end up feeling like i need a vacation from vacation. usually because there's just soooo much laundry to do! but it's great you got to visit family. sounds like a fun trip!


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