Friday, October 14, 2011

Holy random list, Batgirl!

Hey all, how are you guys!? I'm still here. Just in the middle of a whirlwind called life. (...dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called LIFE...) I'm having trouble focusing on ANYTHING right now and I realized today it has been well over a week since I posted on my blog.

This is just a bit of what I've been up to:
  • Parent-teacher conferences... wowzers... good and bad and in-between, this parenting thing has me exhausted.
  • homework, homework, homework
  • driving/walking kids to and from school (I should copy and paste this one like 5 times, it feels like that's ALL I do lately)
  • menu-planning... bleh.
  • Christmas shopping... yes, I know, but if I start now...
  • re-painting my bedroom sort of a Dreamsicle color... it's warm and happy (the color, not the dreamsicle itself of course).
  • watched "The Office" for the first time this week (Yes, we're just a *bit* behind when it comes to TV). It's okay, I can't say I LOVE it... it's a bit weird even for me.
  • watched "Thor" for the first time as well -- I really liked it, even though I fell asleep through 3/4 of it the first time through. I'm pretty much a sucker for anything from Stan Lee. I grew up with two older brothers and my husband that LOVE comic books, well, MARVEL comics. I still have all of these men in my life and I really did kind of "grow up" with Zeke. We started dating when I was 14. Oh, how he loved X-men!
  • finalizing Halloween costumes: nothing, Luna, nothing, fairy (thanks, Sharon), Frankie, ghost (that's not supposed to make sense either)
  • reading some really good books for 5 minutes each night before I fall asleep and they land on my face -- I'll tell you more later
  • re-painted an old dresser and moved some furniture around (favorite hobby/freakish habit of mine)
  • on-going life-changing experience (um, yeah, that, it should probably be #1) I hope to share with you someday -- I wish I could just write whatever I wanted to on my blog/whenever I wanted to, but alas, even people like Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker have to keep a few things confidential. Yes, I feel like Superwoman, or maybe even Bat Girl (she's cooler). :)
  • "splurged" and bought 4 songs on iTunes: two from Depeche Mode :) one from Neon Trees and "one for Zoe" from Plain White T's
  • I love the smells of FALL. It is by far my most favorite season.
  • I love "Dump Cake": white cake mix, cherry pie filling, crushed pineapple, chopped nuts, 1/2 cup butter. Mix it up and bake it @350 degrees for one hour. So yummy and easy.
  • had the missionaries over for dinner last week -- they showed us a cool way to remember the 10 commandments -- remind me to show you
  • joined a second book club and agreed to meet at my house this month... WHAT?! Yeah, and we're reading "The Help" which was my other book club's pick in August. So I guess I'm good there.
  • had a fun game night with friends; have you ever met someone and wish you'd known them all your life? :) This year has been so GOOD to me.
  • played Dominoes/built a garage for the Hot Wheels cars with Beck
  • working on my pinwheel blocks for my quilt swap, really I am; Dedra and Kate, bear with me...
  • planning to go to Colorado and visit Zeke's family for the long weekend...
  • Oh, I guess I "splurged" again and bought a really cute pair of dirigible plum earrings from Etsy for my Luna Lovegood Halloween costume. Last year, I made some from real radishes and they were kinda heavy and really stinky, but I think they kept the Nargles away. Now to find a Ravenclaw tie...
  • If I was cool and ambitious, I would put up cute pictures and informative links to go along with my list, but not today!
This just really made me laugh today, thanks Lora!


  1. I can help with the school pick-up whenever. :) I dont love The Office either. And I am obsessed, (well,my husband would say I am obsessed, I would say I just like change) with rearranging furniture. I just always think there is a better way. :)

  2. So much to say!
    1. don't feel badly...we're done Christmas shopping for Sammy. I always want it all done by Thanksgiving!

    2. I do love the Office. I loved the British orignial better and we've stopped watching now that Steve Carell is gone, but the first couple of seasons made us laugh.

    3. Loved Thor

    4. Love Dump Cake. Well, without the nuts, anyway...

    5. I'm excited to talk about the books and the "life altering experiences" and the PT conferences. Glad we get to chat soon!

    6. You joined a second book club? Can't wait to hear about that...I feel so cheated on! (I'm TOTALLY kidding, by the way!)

    7. So sad we missed game night...Um. Should we schedule one for our house in November now? Hmmm....I should email.

    8. Um....I think that's all!

  3. Thanks, girls!

    Sunny, thanks for the offer, but it's not preschool that's giving me stress, it's elementary.

    I am glad to know I'm not the only one who likes to rearrange and rearrange furniture!:)

    We REALLY need to schedule another game night!! ASAP! and the second book club, well, it's mainly women from my ward, which is good, but it's an open invitation book club so it's just a *little* different from our amazingly unique group. I feel like I don't know anyone in my ward since I've been in Primary and YW for so long -- I thought it would be a good opportunity. :) Love you

  4. P.S. to everyone: My computer has been acting strangely again... so if you don't hear from me you'll know why. :(

  5. We missed the parent teacher conference's. They were scheduled for this week but we are in Missouri. I'm a little nervous to hear the reports when we get back. I want to try your dump cake.

  6. Fall is my favorite too. You are right Batgirl is way cooler. I feel your pain about not being able to say everything...But I really like what you said and I am so glad to hear you are dressing up as Luna Lovegood-YOU MUST POST PICTURES!!! I love Harry Potter. October is such a great month for a Harry Potter-a-thon. Books and movies. :)


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