Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Crafting" and Paisley Cinnamon

According to my new BLOG SCHEDULE, today is:
"Thursday Threads and Things".  
I really love sewing and crafts and making all sorts of stuff...
but I wasn't really sure what I would post for you today.
I'm actually working on two projects right now (yeah, I'm like that),
but they are going to be gifts and I don't want to ruin the surprise!
As far as "crafting" goes, this is what I came up with:

I've been meticulously and mercifully molding measured smiles from this:
 Carefully coercing and creating compromises with this one who thinks she should start wearing make-up:
 Artfully administering admonition, advice, and affection when this one always seems to have a "misunderstanding" with one of her siblings and her "feelers" are hurt: 
Deviously designing devices and other delightful doings to hold this one's attention in order to keep him from destroying my entire house: 
(Thanks for the giant puppy, Grandma Patty!)

So I HAVE been busy "crafting": 
molding, creating, artfully administering, and designing CHILDREN.
It's a BIG project, but I know it will be worth it. 
Although I'm not very good at it most days...I'm learning a lot as I go.
And some days I would MUCH rather be sewing, crocheting, painting a wall, making a wreath or ANYTHING other than trying to be a good parent. 
It's hard work!

Okay, I'll stop holding out on you. Really. 
Here is a good friend of mine, Sharon, who KNOWS HOW TO CRAFT -- when it comes to raising children AND the real kind of crafting that I merely attempt to... well, attempt.
Her blog is called:
I am absolutely amazed at the stuff she comes up with.  She is SO creative. 
You should see her house!
She's one of those people that really has an eye for color and design and 
she's not afraid to try things. 
She gets an idea and then makes it happen.
Go explore her blogs and get inspired!
She's also starting an Etsy shop -- there's a link on her blog.

I definitely have LOTS of ideas from her blogs and I hope to come up with a creation of my own for next Thursday. Happy Crafting!


  1. Awwww...thanks Lacy! You're so sweet, you make me blush!

    And how about the creative crafting of this blog post? So clever and fun!

    How about another exclamation point or two!!

  2. Molding, creating, artfully administering, and designing children....I like that :)

  3. Sorry Lacy, that last post was mine....I hate it when I forget to log out of my other accounts. yeesh

  4. Hey-I've been meaning to copy some of my crafty posts from my other blog onto Paisley Cinnamon. thanks for giving me the push today to get it done!

  5. You have been busy! I'm glad to see you again.
    I will check out your friend's blog.

  6. haha, love the idea of crafting children. that's very true. it's constantly being done. your kids are so cute. such a lovely fam!!!


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