Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Word of the Year" Pillows...

Yesterday's bang-cutting fiasco turned out alright... I'll post pictures later. Maybe. :) This morning I have to go in for my annual OBGYN checkup, YUCKY times 1,000!!!!! I haven't been too worried about it and although this makes no sense, that MAKES me worry about it. I'm trying to convince myself otherwise, but I just feel good this year. It's been more than a whole year and I've been FINE. (Freaked-out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional -- no really, I'm fine!)

Anyhoo.... Thursday: Threads and Things...

I made a pillow for my friend's birthday last week. She has chosen "LOVE" for her word of the year. I forgot to get a picture of her at Book Club... Camille's blog is "Behind the Quiet". She is a lot of fun and I think she chose a really great word to focus on. Happy Birthday, Camille, I hope you like the pillow!
Sewing on the beads:
All finished (it's about a 9x9 inch square):
  Close-up of the beads:
 I had fun making this pillow. I got some red beads (LOVE just looks RED to me) and I used an extra silver napkin for the pillow. :)
I'm hoping to make other pillows for my friends (and maybe myself) to help remind them of their word they are focusing on this year.
 Kaia made her own pillow, It says: "Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, just like you!"
I love this girl. She LOVES to make stuff.
 She also made a pillow for Beck. It says: "I love GREEN!" That was his request.


  1. You're awesome. The pillow is awesome. Your kids are awesome (I told Sage today that Zoe would be at the middle school with her next year and she nearly passed out...). Can't wait to see the hair, and hear about your clean bill of health!

  2. Lacey, I do love my pillow! Thank you so much! I have it in a place where it's the first thing I see when I wake up. You rock!

  3. It was so darn cute! As are you!

  4. i love that little pillow! it's so very cute. what a fun idea. i can't wait til my girls get older and i can do that with them :)

    hope the OB-gyn goes well. i'm soooo used to going now. i'm starting every week now. so crazy...

  5. Hope the OB-gyn went without a hitch. And I love the pillows. So creative and so cute.

  6. Your Love pillow is so cute!!! I agree love just has to be red. That is a talented little girl you have there and so nice to make one for Beck. If you get bored you can both make me one too if you want. :)


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