Friday, February 24, 2012

Fourteen Years

My son, Gabe, is fourteen years old today.
FOURTEEN YEARS. Where has the time gone???
I can't seem to get the pictures to go in the order I want -- I keep erasing them. We're getting ready to take Gabe out to dinner so I've got to hurry... Here's 15 pictures, one for each year and one to grow on!
Love at first sight: February 24, 1998
July 1998 at Grandma Rosy's
First Birthday 1999: Grandma Patty didn't think Gabe was getting messy enough (or Dad)

Dad and Gabe: Christmas at Grandma Patty's cabin, December 1999

First birthday with the cousins, 1999

December 2000: Gabe the new big brother

Gabe and Kaia: April 12, 2004
Gabe: 6 months old

Gabe and Grandma Patty's dog, Girl. (He loves Girl.) At Grandma Patty's house, summer 2010?
Gabe lost his two front teeth within a week of each other. September 2004
Zoe and Gabe: August 2003 (We just moved into our house )
Gabe (STATIC!!!) and Beck on the trampoline: Summer 2009
My boys: Zeke, Beck, Gabe -- March 2008
Gabe getting a shirt ready to tie-dye: August 2011
February 24, 2012: Gabe and his friends being crazy

He wants a new hoodie, a 12 pack of mountain dew, and a donut tower (instead of a cake). 
He is definitely a teenager.


  1. Happy Birthday Gabe! Those pics are so fun! Have fun celebrating!
    Mmmm. donuts.

  2. 24 packs of Mt. Dew are on sale through today at Smithfield Implement for $4.97ish. We totally stocked up...

    Happy Birthday Gabe!

  3. A Donut tower! Brilliant...that's what I want for my birthday! Do you just stack them or is there a secret? :) I can't believe how grown up he looks in that last photo.

  4. Happy Birthday to Gabe! I was thinking, phewsh...I have a while to go before I have a 14 year old. And then I looked at the dates. And I have two years.


    Gabe looks like an amazing teenager, and you are an amazing mom.

  5. Can't believe you've been a mom this long? You must be an expert!

  6. Happy Birthday, Gabe! I love looking at these photos! they remind me a little bit of my eldest and how she became a big sibling. so sweet. and love that he wants the donut tower. that's funny.

  7. Happy B-day Gabe! Time flies...Don't blink you will miss it. :)


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