Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Too Many Hats

How do I do this? Every year or so, I realize I have WAY too much going on in my life. How did it sneak up on me? When and why did I sign up for all of this? How can I possibly "wear" this many "hats"? Definitely not all at once. Wow, I think I need a bigger hat rack...

wife to Zeke
mother to Gabe
mother to Zoe
mother to Kaia
mother to Beck 
(all four "mother" hats are very different and separate)
picture taker
home decorator
event planner
meal planner
errand runner
bill payer
budget maker
book club member x 2
pampered chef consultant
art volunteer at school
literacy volunteer at school
Room Mom for Kaia's class
busy "church calling person"
cat owner x 3
aquarium owner
book reader
movie watcher
"not even close to professional, but wanna be" organizer
"wanna be" crafter/DIYer
"wanna be" author
"wanna be" college graduate
weirdo (all encompassing emotionally, physically, and mentally... I'm out there.)
oh, and Beck says, "UNO player"

I'm sure there's more...

I wonder what all of these hats would actually look like?? 
That's fun to think about... I may have to expound on that later.

Life is good. It really is, just BUSY. Can one be too busy? YES. What to give up? I'm not sure.

Some "hats" I love TOO much to even consider giving up... others "hats" I have to wear and I'm proud of it... other "hats" I want to wear more often, but keep them hanging on the rack just in case I get a chance to wear them later.

What are your favorite "hats"? How do you balance your time in "wearing" them? What would you say NO to? How do you say NO?

Well, I can't say NO to another round of UNO...


  1. So I got even more tired than I already am just reading your list! Sheesh! I bow down to your awesomeness!

  2. Those hats worn before having kids seem to feel like those jeans from high school you hold onto thinking that someday you will wear them again. Ahhh that's my dance hat sigh...The things I say "No" to are the hats I feel may not be the best for the family. For example, I really wanted to do community council this year. But...since Kevin is gone a lot being the Bishop would it be good for me to leave the kids for "another meeting" even if it's just once a month? That's a hat I had to put back on the rack which was hard but family comes first. I also like to wear hats that are light weight :) Sometimes my six mother hats can weigh a lot :)

  3. I'm all for accessories...but I've had to pack a lot of hats away. I just keep reminding myself, "You really CAN have it all...just not all at once!"

  4. ha ha You crack me up! You are so awesome!


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