Monday, May 24, 2010

All-nighters, Demolitions, Undercover String Cheese, Superheroes, Stitches, and Primary

Well, it's Monday, for some strange reason,
I really enjoy Mondays....
This weekend was CA-RAZY! (and that is an understatement)

I'll start with Friday. Kaia has been sick all week. I took her to the Dr. on Wednesday and again on Thursday and they finally decided (or realized) she has pneumonia. This is her 3rd time since she was 2. NOT FUN! But to look on the bright side, we have most of the medicine and equipment here at home to take care of her, so she didn't have to stay in the hospital this time. We're all very thankful for that. I won't bore you with the details of her treatment.... only people like my Mom and Dad, or my friends, Lori, Julie, and Shannon, could truly relate to what we're going through (I love you guys!)

Zeke and Gabe went to the Father-Son Camp-out Friday night. I decided to tear down my kitchen -- again! (only half of it this time!) In a nutshell, we're putting in an island/workspace area (basically somewhere that the kids and I can make sugar cookies and stuff without me freaking out and getting claustrophobic and accidentally elbowing them in the forehead all the time).


IN THE MIDDLE (we're not done yet... but it will be great!)

Kaia had a really bad night Friday (meaning she and I didn't get any sleep), but
we made it and I think she's slowly improving.

While going through some cupboards, Beck and Kaia found some old lunchboxes and a piece of old "jerky". Luckily it was wrapped up still! It looked like a "slim jim", it was dark brown and hard as a rock. However, when I turned the package over, I discovered that at one time this "jerky" was actually string cheese!! ha ha ha, Sorry if I grossed you out, but I thought it was SO funny. Needless to say, I did NOT open it!

Saturday, the guys came home about 11am. It rained all night and even a snowed a little. They had fun, but Zeke didn't get much sleep either. We had a wonderful day. Kaia seemed to be doing great, we went to a baptism, and I took Gabe and Zoe
shoe shopping. Just as we were sitting down to dinner, Gabe came in the door and said he wrecked on his bike and tore his pants. He looked a little pale. Zeke sat him on the couch and took one look at his knee and said, "Well, grab a snack and get in the car, because you need to get this stitched up." It was pretty bad, I won't go into details (I don't know how all of you feel about that), but just for the record, I think it's very interesting.

I took Gabe to the ER, Zeke said he would, but I guess I just think Gabe is still my little boy. We each took a book and some crackers. The doctors and nurses were great and so was Gabe. He really had a sense of humor through all of it. He gave everyone super-hero names to keep his mind off of his knee. The Dr. was "Dr. Dude" (not sure what he thought about that), the male nurse was "Todster", the x-ray technician was "X-ray"(of course), and another male nurse was "Syringe Boy" (I'm sure he didn't appreciate that one). Gabe was "Robo-Arm" and I was "Three-Armed Bystander".... Anyway, considering the situation, we had a pretty good time. Gabe is a lot like Zeke in that way, they try to find the humor in ANY situation and make people laugh. It really is one of the most wonderful blessings in my life. I got a picture of Gabe on Zeke's phone, but Zeke is at work with his phone....

Sunday........ my new calling is official! I am Kaia's new Primary Teacher! I am so excited! I'll write more later, I need to get Kaia's medicine. Life is GOOD :)


  1. Your kitchen looks great. I'm glad Kaia is doing better and sorry to hear about Gabe. Congrats on your will be the funnest Primary teacher!!!

  2. Oh my heck that string cheese is killing me! So glad Beck didn't open it and eat it. Poor Gabe and Kaia! We love you guys!!

  3. ha ha Sandra, I'm not so sure about the kitchen, the top picture is Before and the next picture is the mess I made.... I'll post a picture when it's done and see what you think :)

    Ang, I love you!

  4. When it rains, it pours!! Doesn't it?! But you've got the best attitude when life is hard. Well, at least whenever I see or hear from you :) I need more qualities like that from you. I have a lot to work on.
    And that cheese is just NASTY. I thought it was jerky too. HA HA HA HA.
    And I can't wait to see your kitchen!! Need any help?? :)

  5. And I forgot to say I'm sorry about Gabe :( I hope he's feeling better and back to himself!!


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