Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Better out than in...."

Oh boy, this will be a quick post.... I'm afraid a storm is coming. Not a good storm either. We'll survive it, but in the middle of it I never think so. A stomach flu of some kind has found my house and I am not happy about it one bit!

Ok, I'm talking about gross bodily functions and bizarre lab tests... so you can skip it if you want to. Really, just scroll down to the cute picture.

Last Friday, Kaia started with stomach cramps and diarrhea.... the weird thing was there was blood in it (I've never had that happen to me or any of my children before). By Monday, it was still happening, although no one else seemed to be sick. I took her to the Doctor Tuesday morning and they were more concerned that I wanted them to be (it scared me!) They thought she may have some kind of food poisoning like salmonella or e-coli. They assured me whatever it was, it was not contagious, it was caused by something she had eaten. They said if none of the rest of us were sick, she must have eaten something we didn't (school lunch maybe?)

They took a urine sample, which also came back with blood in it and high white blood cell count. From this, they determined she has a bladder infection (poor girl).

Later that day, I had to take Kaia to the hospital to have blood work done. This was her first time and she did pretty good. The blood tests came back "fine".

They sent me home with a whole bag full of items to help me collect a stool sample. YIKES!! Yeah, that wasn't the greatest experience of my life. But hey, I'm not the one who is sick. Poor Kaia! It was very bizarre and embarrassing carrying a little "bio-hazard" bag with vials full of poo to the laboratory at the hospital. Even more bizarre was the lab technician's indifference to it. Two vials full of strange scary poo? Snore.... just go put them in the little yellow box by the door and make sure they're labeled correctly. However, I've gotta give them some credit for even being willing to do that job! The test results on that won't be back until Friday, so they told us just to wait it out and have her drink lots of fluids.

Well guess what? Today is Thursday, and Zoe woke up with the SAME symptoms! Anyway, we'll see what happens... poor girls.

My sweet Zoe and Kaia during one of their many fashion shows...
Please say a prayer for us, okay?


  1. Aren't those little vials with the sticks great fun?! Sorry they're sick--hope it gets figured out soon and they get better!

  2. They say it's not contagious yet it sounds like it's making the rounds. I hope no on e else gets it. I hope the results get to you fast and it can be figured out.

  3. *UPDATE: I just got a call from the Dr. to confirm Zoe and Kaia's lab tests: it IS E.coli!
    They should be fine, they just have to monitor them for a month or so to be sure their kidneys aren't damaged.. scary stuff! They have to report it to the state and then they will try to see where it came from... so far no one else in... our family has gotten sick.

  4. Yipes! E-coli! You guys have the craziest medical stories. I'm continuously amazed.

  5. Oh no!! E-coli is scary. I hope that they feel better soon, and I'm very sorry you had to go through the bio-hazard collecting, too!


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