Friday, October 22, 2010

Special Sealing, Great-Great Grandma's Quilts, my Dad's old Chevy, and another broken camera!

ok, so it's Thursday.... this week has had a few "bumps" in the road so to speak:

On Monday, I dropped a brand new roll of toilet paper in the toilet... don't know why, but it really bummed me out. I just hate to waste stuff.

On Tuesday, Beck climbed up on the counter and got my camera out of the cupboard and dropped it... this was the last picture taken :( Those are Beck's fingers...
I am beyond bummed. It looks like the lens is broken or maybe just jammed. We just got that camera in February. I need some advice: can we fix it? or just get a new one? what would be the best solution financially?

Late Wednesday night, I woke up with the stomach flu. Ok, that's just NOT fair! I just got feeling better less than a week ago from having E-coli. I must need to learn something here... Anyway, I'm feeling much better this morning and so far, no one else has gotten sick. (Keep your fingers crossed) I felt so bad... I couldn't even get out of bed yesterday morning.

But life always gets better:

Zeke got the kids ready for school and stayed home from work. (YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY, ZEKE STAYED HOME FROM WORK!) He helped me with Beck and took care of me. What a sweetie! This new job is such a blessing. He said it's no problem for him to stay home and help me. The pressure and stress just aren't there. I can only hope it lasts. Zeke even got me some flowers yesterday (yeah, he's one of those guys and I LOVE it!). I wish I had a camera to take a picture of them. They're yellow daisies with burgundy and lime green chrysanthemums..... beautiful!

Let me share some pictures of our great weekend:

We went to a very special sealing at the Ogden temple. Zeke's sister, Dani, and her husband, Mike, have had 3 foster children in their home for the last 5 years or so. They also have 3 children of their own. Last week, the adoption of the foster children was finalized (it's taken a long time) and on Friday they were sealed to them. What a special day :) Mike is currently serving in Iraq with the military and he was able to get 2 weeks leave just to come home for the sealing. He had to go back on Wednesday and won't be home until June. We are so proud of him and Dani. They are very special people.

Zoe and Kaia playing in the fountain:
Beck by the flower/vegetable garden:
(there were ornamental peppers and cabbage, it was awesome!)
Our family: (minus Grandma Patty and Grandpa Chuck)
Gabe, Kaia, cousin Lily, Zeke, and Beck skipping in the parking lot:

Zeke's Aunt Barbie and Uncle Clyde came from Colorado. They are so awesome! They agreed to watch my kids outside on the temple grounds so Zeke and I could go to the sealing. Um, this is really something amazing to do... Beck is crazy! Thank YOU so much, I owe you big time!

Oh, yeah, I fell on the steps when we were taking pictures. Beck was falling and I went to grab him and my skirt got caught in my heel and we both went down. Luckily, Beck didn't even touch the cement (yay me!) But I got a few scrapes. I was SO embarrassed! The worst part was that I landed on my shoe (OUCH!) As soon as we got back to Dani's house, her oldest daughter, Allie, was worried about me. She got me some band-aids and Melaleuca for my cuts. It really meant a lot to me. Thanks, Allie! You are so sweet.

My owie (not as big as the owie to my pride):

Aunt Barbie brought some special gifts with her for all 10 of the grandchildren: handmade quilts from her grandma's Kathryn and Deemer (not sure of spelling?). Zeke's Mom, Patty, went through all the quilts and selected which one would be for which grandchild. I was amazed at how well she picked the colors and styles for each child. Patty couldn't be there because her dog, Doc, had surgery and needed to be taken care of. Barbie said some of the quilts are at least 70 years old. What an awesome keepsake!

Aunt Barb and the grandkids (minus Beck and Max):
All of the grandkids with their quilts:
Beck and "Cat Jack":
(I don't think that cat had to walk anywhere that day)
Allie, Kaia, and Cat Jack:

After the sealing and luncheon, we headed to my parent's house for the weekend. We had a great time. I wish I could see them everyday. My Dad gave Zeke his old truck! I made my Dad a pineapple pie in return (I had to do something!) I wanted to take a picture of them with the truck and the pie, but my Dad and Zeke both turned to me and said in unison, "I don't want to be on your blog!" Well, I guess I have to respect that. Thanks, guys! I got a picture of the pie with the truck title in the background, but I decided that wasn't good to put up because it has my Dad's full name and address on it. Anyway, the pie was delicious if I do say so myself!

I got one of my sweetie with his "new" truck: (Isn't he cute?)
Kaia got some face paint from Grandma: (Oh boy!)
My parents have some super awesome neighbors!
Thanks Julie and Brent for letting my kids ride your scooter:

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow besides the broken camera (sorry no clue as to any advise) and the flu oh and the owie, sounds like a great time. That is so neat that they were all sealed together. Those quilts are gorgeous.

  2. Fun post! So sorry about your ouie and camera! :(

  3. What a wonderful gift those quilts are! And just in time for winter, too!

  4. Sorry I forgot to answer your question from my blog. We had Advanced Window Products do it. I had six different people come and give us an estimate and they were the cheapest we found. Their products are the same as other companies but were hundreds cheaper. Good luck!

  5. Poor Lacy--I guess when it rains it pours! You shouldn't be sick again! And bummer about the camera. Looks like a great day at the temple though!

  6. Our camera just broke in the last week too. It is a Sony that we just got in July. Sony has a year warranty as long as you still have the receipt and there are some things that void the warranty. Beck may be one of the things that voids a warranty, but it may be worth a try/phone call.


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