Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bangs, Layers, and Therapy

My dear friend, Nicki, cut and styled my hair last Wednesday. I never know what I want and she is so patient and helpful and nice. Too nice. I'm a pain. This woman puts up with a lot. I don't like pictures of myself, but Nicki is the BEST! I tell her stuff I wouldn't tell anyone... seriously, Nicki, you have some insane blackmail on me if you ever need it. Thanks for making me feel better today :) Now if only I could fix it like she does.
Do you like the bangs?
Here's the back of my hair...and a basket of laundry in the background...
Nicki, I owe you big time!!
Especially for trying to take a picture of me...sorry, I just could NOT stop laughing!! or blinking.

P.S. I actually survived the weekend with my Father-in-law :) I may have learned a thing or two as well.


  1. The hair is cute--love the bangs on you, they frame your face good :) I tell my stylist all kinds of things too, isn't it funny what comes out of your mouth when you're stuck in that chair with nothing to do! Saw your message a few days ago--we should get together. The doctor has grounded me from driving my car until my seizure meds get readjusted (so far 3 months and counting) so I get feeling pretty stir crazy sometimes!! I'd love some company--what about Friday when the kids are out of school???

  2. Lacy it looks really cute! It's amazing how much better you feel just from a haircut.

  3. I loved the bangs!!! Your hair is reallly cute :) isn't Nicki awesome? It's fun to tell her things. She should have an honorary degree in counseling or something! Haha. You really look awesome! :)

  4. The bangs look great, and your hair looks so pretty! On another note...are you going to Steph's Diapers & Divinity date? We could carpool!

  5. Super cute hair! I miss having Nicki around. I can't find anyone out here especially that compares to N.

  6. Very cute hair! A good hairstylist is worth more than gold, that's for sure!

  7. SO cute Lacy! The only thing I look for in a hairstylist is one who speaks english. :)


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