Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well, that's a first!

Okay, so today was crazy busy. Payday = Grocery shopping day. Zeke's Dad is coming tomorrow to stay for a few days and we were out of almost everything anyway, so I went shopping with Beck this morning. I started down my list, got halfway through the store and looked down to see that my cart was completely FULL already!

I really needed to get my shopping done today so I can clean my house tomorrow (fun fun!) So I pushed the cart up to the service desk and said, "Um, I'm not done yet... can I leave this here?" I don't know why I felt so weird. Please tell me you have filled two grocery carts in one trip before (and NOT for girls camp!) This was a first for me. The girl was really nice, "Sure, I'll have someone get you another cart."

Okay, quick plug for Smith's -- they are SO nice there. And it's so quiet and clean and the aisles are wider than any other store in Cache Valley. Really, I measured them. No, just kidding, I didn't, but my sanity meter tells me they are, so there!

So one of the cart guys brings me another cart. I transferred Beck, his blanket, and sippy cup to the new cart and raced off to fill it up. I felt like I was on that old game show "Supermarket Sweep." Did you ever watch that? I'm ashamed to admit I loved that show and secretly wanted to be on it. You don't have to watch the whole clip, but seriously you have to see what I'm talking about!

Okay, so I relaxed a bit once I got shopping again and that's when things went from bad to worse. I was in the school supplies looking for some tape and a man walks up to me and says, "Excuse me, isn't there another Smith's here in Logan?" And I said, "Yes, it's on 4th North..."

Okay, now just so you can put yourself in my shoes,
this is roughly what the man looked like:
And NOT Shia LaBeouf... Jon Voight (aka Mr. Sir from "Holes")!!! yeah.
(FYI: I got this picture from

As I attempt to walk away, he goes on to say, "Now isn't 4th North the best way to get up to the Utah State campus?" And I'm still walking away, "Yep, it is..." I finally look up to notice him smiling, "So are you a college co-ed up there?" *Sound of screeching brakes and cars crashing* WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I couldn't quite tell if he was trying to hit on me or what... but I said, "Um, well, like 15 years ago... " (walking away faster) He smiles, "Oh boy, you gotta be kiddin' me, what did you study, you sure look smart..." And that is where I interrupted, "Well, you have a nice day, Sir!" (I almost ran!) It was terrible, just terrible. Eww. Eww. Triple eww!

Other than my husband, no one has flirted with me for forever, but an old guy? That's a first and I am rather freaked out and slightly depressed by it. Seriously, this guy was at least 60!

Do I look like a college co-ed to you?
No, I don't think so. Okay, so I didn't look exactly like this,
but I absolutely love this picture of me.
I booked it for the toy section and wandered around for awhile. Beck totally scored a transformer toy while I was hiding out. (I was distraught!!)
When the coast was clear, I finished shopping and headed to the check out. The cart guy brought my other cart to me and boy did I get some funny looks! Anyway, I kept apologizing profusely to the cashier... as I was leaving, he patted me on the shoulder and assured me he's seen much worse.
Here's the loot:
I just know I could win Supermarket Sweep -- especially if an old guy was trying to flirt with me. I could run REALLY fast!


  1. We watched Supermarket Sweep all the time when I was a kid, along with Shop Til You Drop. I was sooo going to be on both when I grew up! :-)

  2. You're cute! I too have always thought that it would be fun to be on supermarket sweep...

  3. That was so nice of Z to get you flowers. I'm glad they are still alive! I'll think of you when I fill up 2 baskets for the 1st time.

  4. I loved supermarket sweep! I still want to compete on that show, I just know I could win!
    BTW, I have filled two carts a few times, and I did feel that same way you did! But we have to do what we have to do! :)

  5. Crrrreeeepy. That has never happened to me, but I hope I could run away as fast as you. Funny stories, Lace, I love them!

  6. I LOVED SUPERMARKET SWEEP I always wanted to go on it. When my family would watch we would talk about how the people needed to go to the diapers and stock up because they were expensive and meat etc... About the old guy EWWWWWWW that is creepy. I'm glad you got out of there before he tried to get your number ha ha. But, you know now that when I see you at Smiths I'm going to ask if your a co-ed ha ha.
    As for the groceries, I have filled a couple carts many times. Three is the most I've filled, that was during case-lot. I'm sure the checkers think...oh no it's this lady again. I feel like I feed an army sometimes.

  7. I have filled up more than one cart, lots of times. Sometimes Lee or Tyler come with me to push the second cart and sometimes I checkout twice (or three times). I try to do my big shopping days once a month. I still have to get milk during the month, but the big list is done. It saves on the impulse buys and treats. Have you ever used the child care or digital coupons at Smith's?

    I love the visual you used to show off the creepy old man. And I too loved to watch Supermarket Sweep.

  8. Supermarket Sweep was AWESOME! I do fill two different carts quite often. It is just at two different stores! :)

  9. lol! Take some pride in your beautiful self! Be flattered! That happened to me just after Megan was born and I was grocery shopping by myself(which usually never happens). The guy kept popping up in every aisle went to. I went to the baby food aisle and starting stocking up on baby food...the guy finally left me alone. lol!It is kind of creepy I will admit! Oh, and 2 carts...easy! Don't feel bad. I think boys are bottomless pits and it's hard to keep them full!

  10. Eeekkk...that guy..

    Have a good weekend and I love the picture of you!

  11. I wonder if that's the same guy that hit on me in Borders a few months ago...

    We loved Supermarket Sweep while Isaac was in grad school...

  12. Oh you made me laugh!

    If it makes you feel any better, I had to fill two carts on Friday. Only, my way of dealing with it was to check out, load my car and come back in to finish . I was really hoping people didn't notice. :)

    And good escape there, Lacy. I would have been creeped out myself!

  13. Mr. Sir has got to be the creepiest guy on the planet. Where do these old guys get off flirting with young chickies like you, anyway? CUH-reepy. I'm glad you made it with your haul and no stalker.

  14. What about the 11 year old neighbor boy! He hits on you all the time, you just think he's annoying normally. :) Zeke


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