Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surreal... but Nice

Valentine's Day was great. Beck and I went to the Elementary School and helped with the Valentine's Tea. It was really fun! The kids get all dressed up in their "Sunday Best" and they learn table manners and etiquette and such and then, they get to sit down to a little "tea party" with cake and punch.

"Peace, Mom"
Zoe was really excited for Valentine's Day:
I painted their nails that morning:
Then I told them to be silly:
It comes quite naturally to them:
Zoe at the tea party with her class:
Kaia with her class:

When Zeke got home from work, he brought flowers for ALL the girls. (And I didn't get a picture of him walking in the door! Dang!! He looked so cute.) Sorry for the lovely backdrop... our kids don't hold still very long. Our photography "rule" is very similar to golf: "Play the ball where it lies." Um, we need to change that. That's Beck's "potty chart" in the background and our trim still isn't finished along that wall. Well, it's us.Beck wanted a picture with the flowers too:
For dinner that night, we made heart-shaped pizzas and had ice cream sundaes with all sorts of fun toppings. We put the kids to bed early and curled up together and watched a movie. We also had Spumoni ice cream of course!

My husband is my very best friend. I just realized I didn't get a picture of us together... I need to do better. Well, here's an oldie, but a goodie. This is from Girls's Choice 1990 or 91? Yes, that really is me behind all that hair and make-up! Good times :)
Just FYI, I also have a very cool 12 year old son... he does NOT want to be on my blog... unless it's something cool. Well, Gabe, our definitions of cool might be different, but I love you anyway :)


  1. Okay, my first comment was bugging me (Darn perfectionism)'s what I meant to say:

    Aaw, I love blast from the past picture! Y'all are so totally 90's! Cute. :)

    What a great Valentines Day too. Your girls silly pictures are cracking me up. :) And I love the pictures of you, such a pretty gal.

  2. I Love your hair! You are gorgeous! Looks like a fun valentine's!

  3. I have an 11 year old boy - Matthew. He doesn't want to be on my blog either. Funny boys.

  4. Ah...I loved the valentines tea's.

    My 12-year-old is only semi-okay with some pics on the blog. Once in awhile he lets me know that it wasn't okay so sometimes I have to put a few posts into draft mode. On the other hand, 17-year-old doesn't like it :)

  5. That is soooo precious that he brought all of you even his daughters flowers. I'm going to have to mention that one to Kevin. Danika would get a big kick out of that. Danika got fake nails from the mommy and daddy buck store and couldn't wait to wear them on Valentines. I love the picture of you guys at the end!

  6. It looks like you had a fun Valentine's Day. The tea party is such a cute idea, and I love the flashback picture. :)

  7. Love your rockin' 90s hair! Those bangs!

    It's adorable that your husband brings flowers for all the girls. When I was little, we'd go out to dinner as a family on VDay and my mom would give us little goodies. I remember asking her once why she wanted the kids to come on Valentine's Day, and she said, "Because we all love each other!" I think it's such a good way to show the whole family love!

  8. I love the idea of Valentine's Tea!

    I'm glad you had a happy day! Love all the flowers from your thoughtful!


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