Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egg Toast and I-Spy Quilt

I'm pretty random most days...

and behind on stuff...

I wanted to share a recipe with you each Friday, but today's Saturday;
I'll share one anyway.

This isn't really a recipe, it's another way to cook eggs. Zeke said his Mom used to make these when he was growing up. They called it "Egg Toast." My kids LOVE them. (We do too.)

So you take a piece of bread and cut a hole in it. You can use anything really: the rim of a cup works great, or you can use a cookie cutter for special occasions. I used a duck this time. I thought it would be funny since I'll be cooking an egg inside of it, but it looks kinda freaky. :)
Then you heat some butter in a skillet, kind of like you're making a grilled cheese sandwich. Put the bread in. We like to cook the cut out piece for a matching piece of toast. Crack the egg and pour it into the cut out part of the bread. Can you tell what I'm saying from the picture? My brain feels foggy today. I like salt and pepper on mine (the egg, not my brain).Cook it on one side until the bread is toasted/grilled. Flip it over and cook it until the egg is done how you like it. I like "over-easy". If you cook it "over-medium" or more, then it's not runny and your kids can take it on the bus if they're running late (if the school bus driver is okay with them eating on the bus of course).
Yummy! My kids say it's good with ketchup, but I think ketchup is evil.

Okay, now switch gears. I've been reading a fun blog called: Note to Self... Kate really has a talent for sewing and she's given me the bug.
I'm not that talented, but I enjoy sewing anyway.
My Aunt Barbie gave this quilt to Kaia when she was born.
It's an "I-spy" Quilt.
The quilt blocks feature different items on them and the names of them are written all around the edge with a fabric marker. My kids love to lay on it and find all the items.
I've started making one for a good friend of mine. I'm using denim from our box of old jeans to fill in the gaps between the blocks. I did 5" by 5" squares with 2" by 5" denim strips in between. I hope it turns out cute. It's a good way to use up small fabric scraps. I'll show you when I'm done.


  1. I love eye spy quilts - and yours is cute! I like how you have the different stuff they are supposed to find on the borders.

    We have 'eggs in a hole' all the time at our place. (thats what we call them at our house)

    cant wait to see finished sewing projects. :)

  2. I'll have to watch for more recipes. I love seeing what other people eat. We call those kind of eggs "hole in ones" (pretty close to eggs in a hole) and on the little piece that you cut out I put cinnamon sugar. When the sugar cooks, it gets kind of caramelized.

  3. Awesome way to cook an egg! Would you share that on my food blog? I Love the I spy quilt idea. Yours looks so cute. I love the denim in between.

  4. We called those Toad in a Hole growing up. I don't know why but thats what my Mom called them. What a fun idea for a quilt.

  5. I have never seen those blankets before, what a cute idea. You're more talented than me with crafty things so I'm sure it will turn out great! And I think ketchup on eggs is evil too!

  6. "Hole in the middles" is our family's version. That's a fun idea, though, to use a cookie cutter.

    I am sooooo not a girl who sews. Sometimes I wish I was, but we all have our own talents, right? I need to tell my mother in law about that idea for an "I Spy" quilt; she's a big time quilter.

    Love the random. And you.

  7. My Mom used to make us 'hole in the middles'....I'd forgotten about those.

    I've never seen an 'I spy' quilt. It looks like such a fun idea. I bet yours will turn out great!

  8. That is THE coolest quilt!! How creative!!!
    And I think it's so funny everyone knows the egg toast but have different names for it.
    My family called it "man on a raft" ha ha. Good idea for the kids!!! :) And thanks for all your suggestions. I love all of them!!!
    PS. Bugger was voted in Australian Parliament as a NON swear word. So bugger on.


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