Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

Hello there! My awesome husband got our computer running much faster last night. Thank goodness. I couldn't even bring up a link from another page or more than one tab! Wow, that is so pitiful. But I was so bummed yesterday morning I didn't even want to touch the computer ever again. I'm so dramatic.

Computer is back! :)

Kids are back in school! :)

Yesterday was nice. I love routines and structure. I love to have a break from my kids. I know that may sound mean, but I'm just being honest. I think it's good. They come home and hug me and tell me they missed me too. We are refueled from our time away and now we can enjoy each other again. Just Beck and me at the grocery store... better than all four children, but if I had to choose one to shop with it wouldn't be Beck. :) He's three. Yeah.

I love my kids, but we are a crew!

Yesterday was my sweet little Kaia's 7th birthday. I'll post some pictures later. She is such a great blessing to our family.

Had a great Saturday with Zeke's family.

I bore my testimony on Sunday and I always make such a fool of myself, but I just really felt like I needed to. We are so blessed. I am amazed at things I've been able to do with the help of the Spirit guiding me (and usually telling me to bite my tongue!)

Do you ever get the feeling that people think you're a complete idiot? Maybe you don't, but I am convinced that a few people feel that way about me and they're not very good at hiding it anymore. Oh well, I probably am. But to quote John Dryden, "There is a pleasure in being mad which none but madmen know."

ahhh... my fingers are happy to be typing again.

oh, Beck has to go to the dentist today :( no bueno...


  1. I so get your feelings that people think you are a complete idiot. Happens to me too. Whenever I think something like that I can hear my mom's voice, "Well Kim, are you and idiot?" No! "Then I guess what they think doesn't really matter, does it." :)

    Good luck at the dentist. Ugh!

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are in the 'glad when the kids go back to school' club. I always feel guilty when I hear mommies talk about how fun it is to have all the kids home for vacation and all I can think about is how crazy it is going to be and just surviving!! :o)

  3. I bet your testimony was perfect! :)

  4. I always feel dumb when I am finished bearing my testimony. I get self conscious if people compliment me or if they don't. It is silly.

    Glad you computer is up and running faster.

    I love structure for my kids too. I love when school is in session even though I teach Nicole. I need a break from Matthew. haha.

    Mark your calendar! My dad and I will be driving from Washington to Utah in August, probably on the 12th. My sister is taking out her endowments. I'd love to meet somewhere for lunch, pie, soda, whatever. Maybe Brigham City? That is closer than Twin Falls. Just let me know. We'll be in touch.

    Have a great day!

  5. I bore my testimony on Sunday too...and I think I totally babbled. *Sigh* I really get what you mean, I often feel like people are thinking I'm an idiot. But you know what? Feelings like that don't come from Heavenly Father. So I'm trying to ignore them.
    And besides, I know that I'm so forgiving of people when they get up to bear their testimonies (it can be nerve-wracking!), so I just assume that people will give me the benefit of the doubt as well. :)
    Btw, as much as I LOVE being home with my Wild Boys, I always celebrate on the day they go back to school. ;)

  6. Glad you have your computer back. Ditto on Shauntae's comment although not the part about her babbling (she did a great job). I bet you did a great job too. I think everyone has those feelings, it's the natural man in us.

  7. You're not an idiot. I think you're lovely, my friend.

    And, um, you should SEE the dramatics I can get up to when something breaks. I'm so amazing that way...

  8. glad your computer is back! i think it's so important to take breaks. makes you appreciate your kiddos much more. i totally understand that! can't believe you have 4 of 'em!!! you're amazing (and NOT an idiot!).

    Claire @

  9. Nice blog!


  10. Thanks everyone!

    Dedra, WA-HOO!!!! Yes, come whenever!! I am so excited :)


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