Friday, April 1, 2011

What a week!

Okay, I feel like I just finished a big race and I'm bent over heaving in gulps of air and pouring water over my head... I think this week has finally calmed down. (famous last words...)

The toilet is Noira's new fascination. Oh no! She has become quite a crazy little thing. My squirt bottle is always waiting on the counter.
I love her to pieces, but she's been naughty!
I'm still worn out and I can't think today...blah blah blah... I'm tired.

Tuesday night was CRAZY!!! My Dad called around 5:15 to tell me they took my Mom in an ambulance to Provo. Then, of course, 3 people instantly stopped by my house for whatever reason (2 unexpectedly) and I was a total brain dead mess. Sorry, Colleen. Somehow, I helped Kaia finish her Science Fair project and somehow I fixed dinner. It was a long night.

Basically, my Mom was in the hospital for a few days down in Provo and it scared the HECK out of me. But she's fine now. They thought it was a heart problem, turns out it was severe heartburn. (It's okay, Mom, better safe than sorry! I want you around for a LONG time!) I spent a LOT of time on the phone and MORE time praying. We have been truly blessed.

Oh, and Kaia lost another tooth.
The tooth fairy even stopped by in the midst of all the chaos.
We all felt a little sick off and on this week. Nothing big, just headaches and a general "blah" feeling, but it just added to the stress of everything and on Monday, I had to cancel dessert night with friends :(

The Science Fair was on Wednesday. Zeke had training in SLC Wednesday night. So it was me and the kids. Always a little crazy, but can I just say how much I love the Elementary School my kids go to? They really ROCK! I am amazed at the participation certificates and awards they give out to every student that does a science fair project every year. 100's of them. Cute little treat bags with candy and plastic test tubes and latex gloves and bubble wrap and those little capsules that turn into creatures when you put them in water, you know, science stuff! It really was above and beyond awesome! THANKS!
I saw Gabe's Algebra teacher at the Science Fair. His son is in Kaia's class. We talked about Gabe for awhile. He's been a great help to us. Gabe is really struggling right now. He loves school, the SOCIAL part of school anyway. And wait, he loves Utah Studies and Gym and Ceramics, but after missing a few days this month he's gotten behind in some of his classes. In middle school, this is NOT good. It's been hard for him to catch up = he's been really REALLY grumpy. Oh man, I'm sure I'll survive this parenting thing, but some days I really wonder. We've taken away every "privilege" other than food, clothing, and shelter until he's caught up. Tough love. It's worth it. I know it!

Kaia's birthday is coming up on the 11th of April and she really wants a keyboard. She has decided that our family is going to start a band. Beck and Gabe will play the guitars, Zoe will be the lead singer, and she will play the keyboard. I'm not sure how her siblings feel about this (or if they even know), but she really wants a keyboard anyway. I have been researching online for a few weeks trying to find a good one.

There are hundreds of different keyboards out there. Every price range and option imaginable. How could I choose? There were good and bad reviews on all of them. I had it narrowed down to 10 (yeah, "narrowed down", right?) I was looking at them yesterday while the kids were doing homework. Kaia leaned over my shoulder and said, "Mom!! Is that a purple keyboard?! I want that one!" Wow, I should have asked Kaia weeks ago. What the heck, we'll give it a try. Who cares what it does, it's purple!! Enough said. :) I love how kids think.

Oh, and my sweet husband brought me the family some fresh Asiago cheese and garlic bread last night from a vendor that comes to their work. I ate way too much. It was so YUMMY! In case you locals were wondering, it's called "The Grainery Artisan Bakery" in Newton.

I'm really looking forward to conference this weekend. I'm so thankful my Mom is okay.


  1. I am looking forward to conference also. I hope your weekend is a little more relaxing. Glad your Mom is okay!

  2. I'm so glad your Mom is okay. My Grandma did the same thing though. She thought it was her heart and it turned out to be heartburn. I'm really excited for conference weekend too.

  3. OH goodness, that is quite a scare and a week.
    I'm sorry. I hate that kind of stress!

  4. Glad your mom is ok now... i love the fact that the cat has a toilet fascination. I have one that has been trying to but gets the boot quite often.

    (I didnt know you lived in utah - i was JUST THERE - in provo!!!! but now i am home in PA.)

  5. All that going on and the tooth fairy still made it!?! You need to give me your fairy's number because ours forgets on a good week! :)

    (A little late on this, but I loved your last post.)

  6. Glad you're mom is doing okay. Wow, you're busy! Hope you're able to have a little R&R this weekend. Oh and your cat is hilarious...kinda reminds me of my youngest daughter :)


  7. SO happy about your Mom! And hopefully you all are feeling so much better.

  8. So happy that your mom is okay as well. And also hope that things slowed down a bit this weekend for you and your family. xoxo

  9. I'm glad your mom is okay too. What a crazy week you had!

    Do you live in Logan? (Have we had this conversation before? I would be embarrassed if we had.) My parents live in North Logan.

  10. What a very crazy week! I hope it calms (or already has) down for you soon, and that you were able to find peace in Conference.

  11. Erin, yep, we live in Logan... I can't remember if we've had this conversation before?


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