Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How was your conference weekend?

Monkeys climbing on the "tree" in between conference sessions
Zeke says, "Did you get a picture yet, or what?!"

Well, I survived the weekend. I wrote a silly post about some home repairs and updates we did on Saturday and I just wasn't that into it. My heart is so full and my mind is so stressed. I needed to write a different one.

I am so thankful my Mom is okay from her "heart problems" last week.

General Conference was AWESOME, but isn't it always? We still have a hard time truly focusing on all of it with 4 children who really aren't that into it? I have a question for all of you bloggers out there: do you have or know of any children that actually enjoy conference and like to sit still and just listen to the speakers and not talk and not fight and not throw ice cream on your cats?

just wondering...

or is it something you make them do and it's kind of like torture with bribes and you wonder if it's really a big contradiction because they are feeling anything but the Spirit?

just wondering...

And really don't make me depressed. I don't want to hear how perfect your family is. If I could type the sound of a "raspberry" I would. Thbtttt!? Just because I'm in Parenting 4210!! Enjoy your 101 class... HA!

We did make some seriously awesome ice cream sundaes during the Saturday afternoon session. I got 6 different flavors of ice cream and twice as many toppings and such. It was so much fun -- the rule was that you could eat as much ice cream as you wanted IF you sat at the table and listened to conference AND were quiet enough to let other people listen. Yeah, I got that idea from a cute book I read a couple weeks ago, "Bullies in the Headlights" by Matthew Buckley.

Our whole family listened to this book on tape and the prequel, "Chickens in the Headlights". If you want a good family read that will have you laughing so hard that you can hardly breathe, these are the books for you. But be warned!! Your children might learn AND use new terms to insult one another with: You TOILET SEAT!! You're just a big POT LICKER! Yeah, I love this book! Oh, and my dear sweet daughter belched at the dinner table the other night and instead of our required "Excuse me" she yelled, "TA-DAAAAAH!" Just another fabulous treasure acquired from the pages of these books. Seriously, if anything, you should read them so you can learn a whole new version of the Primary song, "Two Little Hands." ha ha ha ha ha... I won't tell you, you'll have to find out for yourself or my kids can sing it for you. They're just waiting for the opportunity.

Why is it so funny to read about OTHER people's naughty children?

Anyway, conference was a good mix. Some talks I felt great comfort and peace; like Elder Bednar's about Revelation. Wow! I never realized how much information I am receiving. Am I listening? Am I applying it? The Holy Ghost is speaking to me all the time. Little by little I am getting help every moment of every day. I just need to be humble and do what the Spirit tells me to: go play with my children, love others -- even those who are hard to love, study the scriptures, forsake worldly things, serve in our community AND not what I want to: sleep more than I should, eat more ice cream, hide in my room when my kids are bugging me, fall asleep in my bed before I say my prayers. I'm a bad girl and this is just the tip of the iceberg. What about not answering the phone sometimes because I just don't want to deal with the drama on the other end? Or thinking really mean thoughts about people who have offended me? I have been offended by? I need to do better and this is exactly why I need conference.

I love Elder Holland's term "Bedlam-ites". They definitely live at my house. I wonder if there are any at your house? Sometimes I feel like our house is so CRAZY, you know, full of BEDLAM. I looked up bedlam in the dictionary: a scene or state of wild uproar and confusion. Yep, that's us. And sometimes I think we have no idea what we are doing as parents. But we're really trying...

I really REALLY enjoyed the talk by Elder Lynn G. Robins of the Seventy about "To Be" lists and parenting. The Spirit pricked my heart more times than I am willing to admit that I really need to make some changes in my life.

Elder Ballard's talk about small and simple things, Elder Cook's talk about women (YEAH!) and another talk by ? about the characteristics of people who follow Christ are some of the talks that really stood out to me. I find it interesting how much President Monson has emphasized missionary work the last few conferences.

We have decided as a family to make a monthly contribution to the ward and general missionary funds. I want my children to know that I want to "Follow the Prophet" and I think this is something tangible for them to physically do and actually see with their eyes.

My kids are home from school this week for Spring Break.... again I am thankful for Conference; it helps me survive. I'll write another post about this week... "...by small and simple means are great things brought to pass." Yes, I'll keep chanting that and try my best to keep smiling.

I guess this conference was much better than the last one. Last time we got e-coli. Yeah.


  1. Lacy I hope I didn't offend you with my comment of me being in parenting 601. We are full of chaos during conference. This time was worse than before, we didn't have the energy to deal with anything. One thing we have done in the past that has helped (bribery of course) but we have them listen for certain words for a candy like an M&M. If you learn anything, send the knowledge my way :)

  2. Sandra, you didn't offend me at ALL, I promise. I loved your comment and I wish more people would admit that it's hard to raise children. I think you're great! :) We need to stick together.

  3. I have never met a child who sat reverently through conference. Anyone that says their child does is LYING! :) We had family in town and I missed all but 2 hours of Conference. :( We had a great time with our family but I MISSED it big time. We recorded it and watched 3 talks last night for FHE. We will have to chip a way a little at a time...My son (9 1/2) has his fav's already. He always pays attention to President Monson and Uchtdorf. We make him (usually...) bring his Lego's or whatever quiet toys in and he has to listen while he plays. And yes we bribe him with all sorts of unhealthy snacks in larger than usually allowed quantities!

  4. I have a 17-year-old and a 12-year-old that listen... then rough house... get the legos out... sleep a little and talk loud ...and then repeat. It used to bug me but I finally decided that they are really getting things out of it. (I hope)

    I'm going to try the ice cream sundaes next time.

    I love the picture of your husband playing with the kids. That's what it is really all about and I think you are doing a fantastic job. I can't imagine you have a mean bone or thought in your body :)

    I hope your Mom is doing okay.

  5. Um...we may or may not have yelled at Sammy and sent him to time out 4 times during ONE talk. I think it was about happy families...

  6. You're doing just fine. My kids were zero percent interested, so I didn't get a ton out of it. A few nice quotes overheard.

    I don't think I was good at watching conference willingly until I was in Seminary, learning the apostles names, and my teachers helped me get to know those great men better.

    You win the genuine person award. You're great.

  7. My girls would never sit through something like that. I'd have to bribe them with food AND put a movie on my iPhone for them :)

    Sounds like you enjoyed your conference.


  8. Lacy! You are so funny. Well, you are. I was dying because life is like that! I want to pull my hair out, screaming and think, is this what life's about?! Seriously. I feel like I'm the worst mother in the world and everyone else has it soooo easy and can manage going insane better than me. I'm so impatient with all three kids and I cry all the time because all I want to do is raise my kids right and be happy and think i'm a fun mom and not a mean mom. Sigh. And are you kidding me? CONFERENCE is a nightmare!! I mean, I love it but I think it'll be something the kids will eventually love. All you need to do is show them that we watch conference as a family, have fun, try and listen and do what WORKS. I think they will remember that when they grew up, the listened to conference and watched it. So keep it UP! Cause I sure need to too. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  9. oh PS....I laughed SO HARD when you tried to write the raspberry sound. Seriously. you are sooo fuNNY!!!!! I don't know how to write it either...but a second best...pffft? haha

  10. I think you are awesome parents! I don't think any of us really know what we are doing, do we? I certainly don't! We just go along and do the best we can to survive and hope our kids learn from us along the way. I know I call my mother-in-law (who has seven kids) for advice all the time!

    I also love the fact that I'm not alone with the naughty kids! I only have two, but some days it feels like 10 :)

  11. Pot Licker. Haha. I grew up on a dairy and that was my dad's go to cuss word for the cows. Actually is was 'you stupid pot licker'. I can hear him saying it while I type. :) I thought it was a swear word for the longest time.

    Now I need to go find those books...because humerous parenting is my favorite kind of parenting.

  12. Oh Lacy! Your kids rock!!! Just thought you should know. I think it is more than normal for kids to have a hard time sitting through all of conference. Some of the things my sisters/sister-in-laws have done include:

    Letting them watch in sleeping bags or conference bingo or other conference games, and things like that. Owen is too young and so he runs and we attempt to watch. :)

  13. Lacy, you are amazing. Thanks for your thoughts on conference. My kids don't listen, it's an ongoing battle...

  14. I love you all! You keep me sane :) Thanks for sharing.


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