Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simple Christmas Gift Ideas for Neighbors, Teachers, and Friends: PART ONE

I was reading my friend Stephanie's blog, Diapers and Divinity, and she asked what are some good ideas for inexpensive and easy neighbor gifts for Christmas. I got this list from a Relief Society activity last year and I told Stephanie I would put it on my blog. Some of the ideas are kinda cheesy, but there are LOTS of ideas for any budget. Most of the items you could get at the dollar store. Each of these ideas has a cute little saying with the gift that goes with it in parentheses.

I love giving gifts at Christmas! Only 38 days left....

  • Hope your Christmas SHAPES up to be just right! (cookie cutter)
  • Here's a little extra DOUGH for Christmas! (cookie dough)
  • ROLLING out a batch of Christmas cheer for someone we think is very dear! (sugar cookie dough, cookie cutters, or a rolling pin)
  • DIP into a wonderful holiday season and a HEALTHY New Year! (veggies and dip) (*BOO!*just kidding, that's me talking)
  • Hope your Christmas holiday is just SOUPer! (soup or soup mix in a jar)
  • We give you this gift for a very good reason: instead of dirty DISHES, relax and enjoy the season! (Paper plates)
  • May the JOY you give to others come back to you too! (Almond Joy or Joy dish detergent)
  • Have a COOL yule! (Ice Cream)
  • Have a BEARY sweet Christmas! (honey bear or teddy bear or even gummy bears)
  • ORANGE you glad I'm your friend/student/neighbor! I'm glad you're my teacher/neighbor! Happy Holidays! (Oranges or a chocolate orange)
  • Wishing you a season filled with SWEETNESS! (anything sweet)
  • Have a BRIGHT and RADIANT Christmas! (light bulbs) (*Really?!?)
  • We SCRAPED together what cash we could find, although our assets are mostly FROZEN -- We really like you, you're such an ICE friend, and we hope you like this gift we've chosen! (ICE SCRAPER)
  • You've got the right STUFF to be a great friend! SEASONED greetings! (stuffing mix)
  • Seasons READINGS! (a favorite book/holiday book)
  • We DUST wanted to say: "Thanks for being great friends!" (feather duster or dust pan)
  • May the joy and LOVE you give away, come back to you on Christmas Day! (heart ornament)
  • Just POPPIN' by with a warm Christmas Hi! (popcorn or caramel corn)
  • Hoping you have a BALL this holiday season! (popcorn balls or puffed rice balls)
  • We have to adMITT, you're great! Merry Christmas! (oven mitt or mittens)
  • May your Christmas be Merry and SPRITE! (Sprite)
  • Tis the season to be GRATEFUL! You're a GRATE neighbor! (cheese grater)
  • We WHISK you a Merry Christmas! (wire whisk)
  • No one can MEASURE up to you. Happy Holidays! (measuring cups or spoons, ruler, measuring tape)
  • We wish you a full MEASURE of holiday cheer. May your CUP overflow with joy and peace. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (measuring cups)

Okay, that is page 1 of 4... I'll post more later... (I can't scan it in and convert it to a usable file because the copy I have is in a fancy scripted font with symbols and pictures)


  1. Oh, c'mon! Who doesn't want lightbulbs for Christmas?! HA!

  2. These are all so fun! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. All GREAT ideas! (Much better than a handmade toilet paper cozy!)

  4. I've actually used a few of these. One I thought was funny was giving a dishrag and dishtowel but the poem talked about feeling rich and giving out washers and dryers he he. I love to do these little gifts it's fun. I also have given wrapping paper and said "May your holidays be wrapped with Joy and happiness" Or something like that. Oh and Muffin mix's. "Your getting Muffin for Christmas" he he. Ahh I get to into these. :)

  5. Oh and I can't leave out the Dustpan one: I made a batch of cookies, but I dropped them on the floor, so I quickly swept them up, and brought them to your door. Okay I'm done now he he

  6. Yay! These are great. I actually love the paper plate one.

  7. I might have the electronic copy of it still. Let me check and get back to you so you dont have to type it all again. Sorry for the fancy font. :)

  8. cute ideas! I also got your blocks yesterday - AWESOME!!!! that was FAST! Thanks a bunch!

  9. Steph, I liked the paper plate one too -- something I would actually use (and not eat)

    Trina, you are just fine.... I didn't know it wouldn't convert either when I scanned it, I just love the list, you ladies did such a great job last year. I actually like typing anyway...

    Kate!! I can't wait to get your blocks :)

  10. A couple additions to what you have here... I have taken a wire whisk, filled it with Hershey Kisses and done "We WHISK you a Merry KISS-mas!" And I have done a dust pan with cookies on it and a note saying, "We DUST want to wish you a Merry Christmas, Love, your CRUMBY neighbors!"

    Cute ideas!

  11. Pam, thanks for the great ideas :) very cute!


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