Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simple Christmas Gifts: Part TWO

Here are some more fun ideas for Christmas gifts... if you know any more (Sandra! :) Please share:

  • Wishing you joy beyond MEASURE! (measuring cups, spoons, ruler, or measuring tape)
  • You have been a LIFESAVER! (Lifesavers candy or Christmas Storybook)
  • We're NUTS about you! Merry Christmas! (can of nuts)
  • Gift idea: Have your child make a bookmark with picture and list of favorite books or favorite things about teacher. (*This, my friends, is called brown-nosing. Would I do it? OH yeah!)
  • May your days be Merry and BRIGHT! (magic markers, highlighters, or dry erase markers)
  • Sending WARM Christmas wishes to my favorite teacher! (one serving sized package of hot chocolate, apple cider, or dry soup mix)
  • JELLY is like love. You can't spread it around without getting some on yourself! Merry Christmas! (jar of jelly)
  • Hoping you have a holiday JAM-packed with Christmas cheer! (jar of jam) (*Please DON'T confuse jam for jelly or vice versa -- your little poem would be for naught!! oh, the horror!)
  • Have a holly JOLLY Christmas! (jolly ranchers)
  • Have a BERRY nice holiday season! (jar of jam)
  • We're ROOTing for you to have a Happy Holiday Season and a Wonderful New Year! (root beer)
  • Hope a Merry HO-HO-HO fills your heart the whole year through! (Hostess Ho-Hos) (*don't know why, this one just cracks me up... and yes, I love Ho-Ho's!)
  • Remember Santa CHEX his list twice to see who's been naughty or nice... so be good for goodness sake! (Chex mix)
  • Hoping your Holiday TURNS out great! (pancake turner)
  • We just couldn't PASTA up the chance to say Happy Holidays! (holiday shaped pasta)
  • Have a PASTAtively Happy Holiday! (holiday shaped pasta)
  • We wanted to SPREAD some Christmas cheer! (spatula)
  • For being there when you were KNEADED, for RISING to the occasion, large or small. For never LOAFING on the job, for helping others to HEEL with care. No matter how you SLICE it, you do a terrific job loving others. Merry Christmas! (loaf of bread)
  • Warm up to a wonderful holiday season TOPPED with Christmas cheer! (pizza)
  • You're getting MUFFIN for Christmas! (muffin mix or pan) (*Thanks, Sandra!)
  • SEASONED with love! (packet of seasoning or spices)
  • Keep Christmas in your heart the whole year through. Merry Christmas! (calendar) (*little side note: this only works if the company you order your calendar from sends you a calendar for the NEXT year!!! Oi!)
  • May your Christmas be SPRINKLED with laughter and love. (cinnamon sugar or candy sprinkles)
  • If friends were FLOWERS, we'd pick you! (seeds, potted flowers, or silk flower on a pen or barrette clip)
  • You make friendship BLOOM all year round! (flower items like those above)
  • May your days be happy, your heart be LIGHT, your Christmas be merry, and your New Year BRIGHT! (candle) (*maybe not light bulbs?)
  • SCENTS we are such good friends, we wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas (candle or potpourri)

Okay, so if you get one of these from me.... just act surprised, okay? I have two more pages... I know you just can't wait! :)

*I didn't read back through this one yet, so let me know if there's any typos.


  1. so cute! I also like (for neighbors) HO HO HO Merry Christmas from the ding dongs next door-- with both ho hos and ding dongs :)

  2. We take the label off of hand sanitizer and the kids put on seasonal stickers. This could work with soap bottles too.

    We give it to their teachers with back to school stickers, but you could do any season. Actually last year, in kindergarten, we changed the stickers on all of Mrs. Kelley's sanitizers monthly. Andrew loved it. If you are going to be refilling the bottles and taking the stickers off, clear stickers work the best.

  3. I just made canned apple pie filling and am thinking of giving it to the kids teachers with a poem about A is for apple but that is boring, Chop it up and add sugar and spices and watch it multiply into something yummy and filling. But, when it comes time to divide you might want to run away and hide

  4. Lacy Lacy Lacy I have so many he he. One that I haven't seen up post is "You've been bad so here's the scoop, you're gettin' nothin' but reindeer poop." With some Whoppers. Or you can say snowman poop with some Marshmellos. Kevin's not fond of these ones ha ha.

  5. These are all so creative! I am so glad you posted these. Some have a little cheesy to them, but that's what makes it even more fun! Can't wait to jot some of these down to use as gift ideas. Thanks girl!


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